YouBodyCare Lets You Make Custom, Waterless Body Wash That's Better for the Earth

Ever since I moved to a place where I have to physically drive to a recycling center and sort my recyclables by hand, I've become very cognizant of what can and can't be recycled in many places.

The kinds of plastics I can even bring to the center are very limited, and that's greatly affected the products I buy. I hate buying a big container of soap or shampoo, knowing the bottle will definitely end up in a landfill. There's where YouBodyCare comes in.

This unique brand has a sustainable approach to their body washes, with powder that instantly turns into a sudsy body wash when you apply water, and a whole system to get a perfect wash every time. The team behind the brand reached out to me to ask if I'd be interested in giving it a try, and loving the concept, I had to give it a whirl.

The Brand

YouBodyCare offers powdered, waterless body wash in packets, which results in 85% less packaging waste than typical soap products. The essences come in eight unique and varied scents, which can then be mixed and matched to create your ideal aromatherapeutic wash. Three to four packets can provide over a week's worth of showers, and the packets themselves break down in about 120 days, so you don't have to worry about them staying and harming the environment.

The resulting body wash is hypoallergenic, as well as free of sulfates, sulfites and parabens. You can also combine them with the YouBodyPod dispenser, which helps you mix the wash, while also coming with its own shower pouf. The YouBodyPod sells for $10, while five packs of each essence sell for $8 each.



The Essences


I decided to start my YouBodyWash experience with the Play scent, which comes in a vibrant purple packet. I wasn't sent the YouBodyPod for my review, but it turns out that their powders also work by simply applying a small amount to a washcloth or body scrubber. As soon as I put some of the essence on a scrubber and added water, it worked into a generous lather and filled the air with the energizing scent of lime, orange, lemongrass and ginger.

I was immediately a fan of the bold, citrusy scent. It really did make me feel wide awake for my morning shower, and the resulting wash made my skin feel extremely clean. This probably wasn't the most efficient way to use the essence, so the packet lasted me about two showers, and when those were through, I very much looked forward to seeing what was next.

YourBodyCare play essence

(via YouBodyCare)



Next, I tested out the yellow Balance powder. This one was scented with lemon peel, tea tree and blackcurrant, as well as a triple tea blend, and when I smelled it, I immediately thought of clean, freshly folded laundry. I was a huge fan of the crisp scent, and again, this one made all kinds of rich suds when applied to a scrubber with water. This formula is designed for leaving skin soft and glowing, and while I didn't notice much of a difference from the previous essence, my skin did feel especially clean. This packet also lasted me about two showers before I ran out.

YouBodyCare wander essence

(via YouBodyCare)



For the last scent, Wander, I decided to try something different, and use a small glass jar for storing the wash. I added the pocket of powder and a tiny bit of water, and in the morning, I was left with a layer of thick, clear body wash with the scents of pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and ylang ylang that came together to remind me of spicy pine needles and the forest. I actually preferred to use the wash this way, since I could manage how much I used. There was as much lovely lather as before, but this time, I was able to stretch how much I used to about three and a half washes. It worked great, and I'd definitely be interested in trying the brand again.

YouBodyCare balance essence

(via YouBodyCare)


Bottom Line

YouBodyCare does exactly what it sets out to do, reducing waste while creating a great waterless body wash experience. The body wash lathers up beautifully while being deliciously scented. I loved the three scents I tried and just might have to invest to check out the other five. It would have also been interesting to be able to try some combined to see how I'd like them together. Overall, if you want to reduce your waste impact, without sacrificing smelling great after every shower, give YouBodyCare a try.


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