If You're Obsessed With Chai Lattes, You'll Relate to These 7 Truths

There's just something about a cup of chai that makes the start to any day great.

If you don't drink coffee, we're willing to bet you get your caffeine intake from somewhere else. We turn to chai tea lattes—specifically, iced chais (yes, even in the dead of winter). With so many chai tea options to choose from—dirty, vanilla, spiced—you truly can't go wrong. The obsession is real for us over here at Sweety High. If you, too, are obsessed with chai lattes, below you'll find seven truths you'll absolutely relate to.

1. You Have Dreams About That Perfect Cup of Chai

You know how most people daydream about finding their true love? Well, you do too—sort of. Your one true love is a perfect cup of chai. Whether it's iced, hot or blended, you don't hate. Sure, you like it made perfectly to your liking, but that's just because you know what you deserve!


2. You Don't Feel Human Until That First Sip

Most people don't like having any human interactions until after they've had their morning cup of joe. You can totally relate—just switch out the coffee for chai. You don't deal with coffee jitters, but it makes you more awake and alert, so you reap all of the benefits.


3. Big Train Is One of Your Fave Chai Brands

It's taken you a long time to finally find a chai brand you're obsessed with, and we're willing to bet Big Train is one of your faves. The brand offers all sorts of options like low sugar, vanilla (the best!), spiced, caramel, chocolate, green tea and much more.


4. You Sometimes Forget That Chai Is Tea

If you've been drinking chai for some time now, sometimes you forget that it's tea. No, it's not a dessert and it'definitely not coffee. So, what is it? Technically it's tea, but we like to think of it as more of a gift from the gods.

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5. You're Very Picky About Where You'll Buy Chai

You won't drink chais from any of the big coffee chains. Starbucks? Yuck. Peet's? Heck no! It's all about that random coffee house on the corner that no one knows about. That's the place that knows your order by heart and gets it right every single time.


6. You Follow a Morning Chai Ritual

All chai lovers have a very specific morning ritual that they follow. Some take five minutes crafting that perfect beverage. Others will only drink it out of one particular glass. You might prefer oat milk over almond milk to drink it with. Truly, the options are endless.


7. You Love Introducing People to Chai

One of your absolute favorite things to do is turn a coffee lover into a chai lover. Since an overwhelming amount of people turn to coffee, it's about time to get some more on our side of things! You love to see the look on their faces when that first sip hits their tongue—life-changing!


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