Everything You Should Know About Rapper Young Devyn

Rapper Young Devyn has some of the best flows in the business, and she's done it all at just 19 years old.

The Brooklyn-born and raised artist, whose parents come from Trinidad and Tobago, has prodigious talents and lyrical skills that are pretty much unmatched. There's a good reason they call her the Baby G.O.A.T.—which is also the name of her newly released EP.

She's one talent we're definitely keeping an eye on in 2021, and here's everything we learned about her as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Young Devyn Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Nigel Wardaily)

Name: Devyn

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York/Trinidad and Tobago

Birthday: December 28

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Fun Facts:

1. Devyn loves comedy films.

"It's just good vibes and it always resonates more with me."

-Young Devyn

2. She says her biggest guilty pleasure is ASMR.

"I could watch and listen to ASMR videos all day."

-Young Devyn

3. She says she couldn't live without snacking on Hot Cheetos.

4. Meek Mill has influenced her more than any other musical artist.

5. She doesn't think she's ever had a crush on a fictional character.

6. She's closer to her cousin, Mesha, than anyone else.

"She's the only person who could calm me down, give me the best advice and we have the funniest moments together."

-Young Devyn

7. Her most-used emoji is the blue heart ????

8. If a movie was made about her life, Young Devyn would love for Skai Jackson to play her.

"I love her, her brand and I think she's an amazing actress that reminds me a little of myself."

-Young Devyn

9. She says her Capricorn zodiac sign is pretty accurate to her personality.

"Capricorns can be real-life hustlers and that's what I am."

-Young Devyn

10. Her biggest pet peeve is being forced to wait on someone for too long.

11. Devyn says that prayer is an essential part of who she is as a human.

"No matter what I do or how far I go, I know nothing is possible without God."

-Young Devyn


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