You'll Only Truly Understand These Struggles If You're the Youngest Sibling

Being the youngest sibling can have its major perks (ie. you're not the guinea pig of the fam!) – But it can also have its downfalls (ie. you may always be referred to as "little squirt"). ?

If you're the designated "baby" in your fam, get ready to relate on a deep level to these 16 struggles.

1. In school, your teachers always remember you as so-and-so's younger sibling.

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2. When a new school year rolls around, your mom's first suggestion is to try on your older sister's hand-me-downs before going shopping for a new wardrobe. ?

3. As your siblings get older, you find them denying you access to hang out with them and their "much older" and "much cooler" friends. How rude!

4. And whenever your friends come over, you're slightly worried that they'll want to hang out with your older, "cooler" siblings and their friends instead of you.

5. Because you aren't the first-born child, your parents aren't as laser focused on what you're doing at all times – which can be both good and bad! It gets you into a little bit of trouble sometimes.

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6. You've probably been suckered into doing some sort of chore or homework assignment for your sib just to avoid confrontation with them.

7. When your parents go on date night, you've been stuck with your older sibling as your babysitter. Let's just say they go on a bit of a power trip.

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8. If your older sibling finds out you have a crush, you know you better prepare yourself for some teasing.

9. If your bro or sis is particularly athletic or great at school, you'll always find yourself comparing your own skills to theirs. Don't!

10. Everyone assumes that you're a snitch just because you're the youngest. This isn't always true.

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11. For some reason unbeknownst to you, there are far less baby pictures of you than your older sister or brother. It's like your fam gave up on taking pics after the first child.

12. If you have multiple siblings, chances are you've had to share a room. The older sibling needs their "privacy."

13. You've occasionally had to sleep with one eye open because your older bro or sis loves to play jokes on you in your most vulnerable state.

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14. No matter how hard you try, you rarely get first dibs on the TV remote.

15. You don't get shotgun quite as often as you'd like. Your older sibling somehow always beats you to the punch.

16. Your parents learned from your older siblings' mistakes, and therefore are a little more cautious with the freedom they give you.

And despite all of this, you still wouldn't change your family for the world! Following in your siblings' footsteps and having a bro or sis who always has your back can be pretty okay.


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