Cimorelli's Emotional "You're Worth It" Music Video!

Cimorelli released their most powerful music video yet with "You're Worth It" earlier this week!cimorelli you're worth it music video

"What defines us?" reads Christina's voiceover at the start of the video. "Our choices? Our looks? Our feelings?"

These ideas are echoed throughout the emotional video. Each of the six sisters wears a harmful label written across her head. They're deeply hurt by past name calling and the feeling that they're worthless.

But the song's lyrics teach us that we're so much more than the physical traits that make up our appearance, or the actions from our pasts. We can move beyond labels and realize that we're really worth it!

Throughout the course of the video, each of the sisters realizes she's unique and irreplaceable. They decide to defy the criticisms they've received, smashing mirrors, destroying magazines full of "perfect" images, destroying scales and throwing laptops.

They smear away the labels that have defined them for so long, and are finally set free. At the end of the video, they let the balloons fly, letting go of everything that has held them back!

"You're Worth It" is the third music video from the band's new 4-track EP, Renegade, and it's our favorite video yet! Check out more Renegade news below, comment with your thoughts on the video, and join our CimFam community only at!