It’s hard to believe that we’ve been watching Amanda Steele‘s YouTube videos for all the beauty and fashion inspo we need for FIVE years now. Honestly, where has the time gone?! We’re incredibly proud of how far she has come since she posted her first back-to-school makeup tutorial. Amanda is definitely our life inspo, too. She inspires us to be confident in who we are and just be a LOT kinder to ourselves on a day-to-day basis. If that doesn’t scream #WCW material, we don’t know what does. But we also have a ~few~ more reasons as to why we’re crushin’ on Amanda.

Amanda Steele WCW art

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Full Name: Amanda Lynn Steele

Based In: Los Angeles, CA

Birthday: July 26, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Favorite Color: Pink

Go To Starbucks Order: White Chocolate Mocha

Fun Facts:
1. Can you believe that Amanda was only 10 years old when she started posting videos of her makeup tutorials on YouTube?!?! We can’t either.

2. Her videos are our saving grace. We always turn to them when we need some fashion inspo (shout out to her Coachella looks vid for being a life savior for us last weekend) or when we need to know ~the best~ makeup and skin care products to use.

3. We don’t just love her makeup and fashion tutorials, we live for watching her show The Social Life. Amanda shared that her show was inspired by Lauren Conrad’s reality show The Hills. She’s basically just like LC, so it makes sense.

4. She was part of the Inner Beauty Challenge with Love Is Louder and Benefit Cosmetics, which encouraged girls to embrace their inner beauty and just be a little bit nicer to themselves.

5. Amanda worked with QUAY Australia to create her own line of sunglasses that are literally perfect for summer. We NEED every pair stat.

Amanda Steele's Muse Quay Australia sunglasses

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6. And her eyeshadow palette she collaborated on with BH Cosmetics is absolutely magical. The liquid eyeliner is honestly the only eyeliner you will ever need to use for the rest of your life.

Amanda Steele's eyeshadow palette collaboration with BH Cosmetics

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7. Fashion and beauty aren’t the only things Amanda is a pro at. She released a compilation album called Gateway back in October that features a ton of her fave hip hop and R&B artists. Every song on the album is a straight up banger!

Gateway compilation album art from Amanda Steele

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One other thing we love about Amanda? Um, her ability to give flawless advice on every single subject ever. Her back-to-school advice may be our fave thing ever though…watch it HERE.