11 Very Unexpected Dog Talents

We have a very serious question for you. What can't dogs do?

Besides the obvious of being cute 24/7, they're full of hidden talents that even some of us humans have yet to master.

Watch these 11 four-legged creatures below who have us questioning if there are dogs out there who are part canine and part genius.


Shadow is a rescue dog who can pilot a plane. Yep. Check out this clip of him piloting a plane at 3,000 feet.

Meet Monty, Ginny and Porter. They know how to drive a Mini Cooper. Would you trust them to chauffeur you around town? From the looks of it, they could probs pass the dreaded DMV driving test.


Say hello to Ozzy. He can balance on a tightrope. He's a master of balancing obviously!


Whoever said dogs can't ride bikes was terribly mistaken. This video of Norman proves that nothing is impossible for a K-9.


Maybe we should hit up Maggie the Jack Russell next time we're studying for a pop quiz in math. That's right, Maggie does math. What the what!


Petey can school just about any human on the basketball court. Don't believe us? See for yourself. This dog has mad skills. ????


Sisley lives on the edge. He starts his day by jumping out of an airplane, and ends it by scuba diving in the deep blue sea. This dog is more adventurous then most humans, tbh.


Now this is a downward-facing dog if we've ever seen one. Judy pretty much could be a certified doggie yoga teacher—show us your ways!


Have you ever dreamed of having a dog that walks himself? Well, this is the next best thing. Watch as Ripley the Bernese Mountain dog walks his younger brother, Hudson. So stinkin' cute.


Humans aren't the only ones trying to stay up to speed on all the latest trends in technology. This hip dog masters the art of riding a hoverboard. To say we're impressed is the understatement of the year. ????


We're guessing you've never heard a rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" quite like this. This pup's voice is angelic to say the least.


It's pretty clear that dogs might just be more talented than we are. Did you know that they might also be more stylish? Check out THESE dapper dogs that are taking over Instagram.