YouTuber Kandee Johnson Reveals Biggest Dos and Don'ts to Applying Makeup

With so many makeup products on the market and a slew of ways to get creative in front of the mirror, it's easy to get confused along the way.

That's why we turned to beauty guru Kandee Johnson, who let us in on her own personal secrets when it comes to conquering the makeup game.

Keep reading for Kandee's own words on her biggest dos and don'ts to applying makeup to various parts of the face:

kandee johnson shows off manicured nails at achi beauty event at doheny room in west hollywood, california

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I think you want to create the arch in your eye to give it lift. I think a lot of people forget that. Then soften the peak in the corner, but always pay attention to that arch. I think a lot of people fill in the brow midway to get that Instagram fade, but no natural eye does that. You need to have something, it could be softer but you have to have it there.

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For cheeks, I think a lot of people put blush in crazy places. You want it to look like a wash of color, like you just went running and your face got a wash of color. It doesn't have to be just right there, just like a contour of color. An old trick that's still working is smiling and putting blush where your cheeks poof out. It gives you a glow and you don't look harsh.



Do line your lips. If you don't line your lips, it's like putting eyeshadow on with no eyeliner. It's like what eyeliner is, for the lip—you're defining and creating a shape. And you make them look bigger. I overline all day, every day. You don't just wear lipstick without lip liner.

I'm not a fan of gloss. If you get a little wind in your hair then it's right in your gloss and you can't do a bright color because it's all over your teeth.

I'm also obsessed with those suction lip plumper things. I bought one called Liptiful and they're made out of clay. I used that one for years, it really works. I did it one time for too long and I looked like a Bratz doll, my lips were so big.

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Face in General

I like that there's a return to more natural looking skin and face. Less eye makeup just looks more natural and pretty.

Primer is probably where I go off the charts because I don't use it. It's like an extra layer of makeup that might slip off more.


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