We Are Beyond Obsessed With Our Adorable #WCW Megan Nicole

Our #WCW this week is one of THE most talented, sweetest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. We first became fans of Megan Nicole when we started watching every single cover she posted on YouTube and the rest is pretty much history. Now she releases some truly magical original songs that we jam out to with our besties all the time, along with plenty of creative covers. She's even started getting into acting more and we're so sure she's about to take over the world in literally 2 seconds. So get ready to see more of our Woman Crush Wednesday.

Megan Nicole #WCW art

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Full Name: Megan Nicole Flores

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Birthday: September 1, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

First Cover: "Use Somebody" by Kings Of Leon

First Concert: Hillary Duff

Favorite Movie: Clueless

Favorite Color: Pink

Fun Facts:

1. Megan is going to be supporting our boys in Emblem3 on The Waking Up Tour, which starts next month. You best believe we already have our tickets. And we're hoping you do, too! Who wouldn't want to see this girl on tour?

Megan Nicole Against A Blue Wall

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2. It's not every day you get to sit down, let alone be in the same room as the First Lady of the United States, but Megan was lucky enough to interview Michelle Obama about the #LetGirlsLearn campaign. We definitely support this campaign, because every girl EVERYWHERE deserves access to an education.

Megan Nicole with Michelle Obama

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3. We were already in love with Megan's song "Mascara" when it came out last month, but now we are full blown OBSESSED with it thanks to the amaze music video she released. Can we all agree that she is the ~cutest~ superhero to ever exist?

4. It's no secret that Megan's music is what dreams are made of, but it's not her only talent. She can act like it's nobody's business. Hello, Summer Forever was uh-MAZING! It's totally worthy of being watched during every season.

5. And she even had a sweet little guest star gig on season two of the Netflix series Popples. She brought to life the dramatic pop star Squeaky Pop in the most charming way possible, as only Megan Nicole could.

6. She's also going to be a guest star on a new web series titled Roommates. We're just going to go ahead and say it, we see an Oscar win in her future.

Megan Nicole with the cast of the new web series Roommates

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7. Oh, duh! We would be the worst if we forgot to mention how every single outfit she has ever worn (and will no doubt wear in the future) is absolutely adorable. We. Want. It. All.

Megan Nicole at the Harajuku Lovers event wearing a pink dress with multi-colored bows on the bodice

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Ok, clearly you LOVE Megan, but do you really know everything there is to know about her? Prove it by getting a perfect score on THIS trivia quiz!