Best Podcasts to Listen to If You Live for YouTube and TikTok Gossip

There's a podcast for everything nowadays.

Whether sharing relationship advice or commenting on today's must-see shows, people can chat about anything and record it for your entertainment. And that includes YouTube and TikTok.

If you live for gossip about your favorite YouTubers and TikTokers, you have to listen to these eight podcasts.

Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig 

If you're just getting into the world of podcasts, Not Too Deep is a great place to start. Hosted by YouTube personality Grace Helbig, this podcast is all about the superficial. Seriously, the whole point is that Grace wants to have fun with her guests, instead of getting trapped in deep conversations.

Still, the podcast is incredibly interesting. She interviews new celebrities every week, including some of your favorite YouTube and TikTok stars. Plus, there are more than enough episodes in the archive to keep you occupied for hours.

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Psychobabble pairs YouTube personality Tyler Oakley with his best friend Korey Kuhl to bring you a half-hour of their musings on life. They discuss plenty of pop-culture gossip while scrutinizing what's happening in the YouTube world and beyond. It's informative and wildly entertaining, all at the same time.

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YouTube personalities and influencers Amanda Cerny and Sommer Ray band together to create OHoney, a podcast about dating in the modern world. While the podcast largely focuses on questions from listeners and advice from Sommer and Amanda, they also interview a famous personality on each episode. From actors, to YouTubers, to influencers and everything in between, there's plenty of gossip to be gleaned from this podcast, along with some valuable advice you might be able to use in your dating life.

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Tiny Meat Gang 

The Tiny Meat Gang podcast features YouTubers Cody Ko and Noel Miller. It's basically a place for these two friends to talk about (and mostly make fun of) the current trends in the world. The podcast is genuinely funny, but it's also fairly informative when it comes to current pop culture gossip. Ko and Miller discuss everything, from TikTok dances, to the Hype House, to Jake Paul. If you want gossip that also makes you laugh, this podcast is the place to go.

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Views pairs 23-year-old David Dobrik with 40-something Jason Nash to create one delicious podcast. In each episode, David and Jason discuss the ins-and-outs of their YouTube lives with compelling honesty. Plus, they interview quite a few celebrities along the way, just in case you need something extra to scratch that gossip itch. If you've been wondering what being a YouTuber is really like, you need to listen to this podcast.

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The True Geordie Podcast 

While The True Geordie has faced a few potentially career-ruining scandals, he bounced back from each one and emerged even stronger. Now, he has something insightful to offer on his podcast. He discusses the biggest stories in pop culture with honesty, interviewing some of your favorite YouTube stars along the way. You're guaranteed to learn something new if you listen to this podcast, even if it's just a bit of petty gossip.

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TikTalk Radio 

A fairly new podcast, TikTalk radio is—unsurprisingly—all about TikTok. The podcast includes a bunch of tips and tricks for how to be successful on the app, alongside interviews with TikTok stars. If TikTok is your obsession, you'll be in good company listening to this podcast.

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Impaulsive With Logan Paul 

While Logan Paul can be more than a little irritating all on his own, his podcast is a good place to go for some much-needed gossip. Many of the episodes are totally skippable since they only focus on Logan's favorite subject: himself. Other episodes, however, adequately address the current drama in the YouTube and TikTok space, keeping you updated on all the need-to-know gossip.

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