Bethany Mota Will Interview President Obama On Thursday!

Bethany Mota has been in China for the last few days, and in her latest vlog from her hotel room, she shares details of her upcoming interview with President Barack Obama!Collage of Bethany Mota's photos in China wearing a trenchcoat and walking along the Great Wall

On Thursday, January 22, Bethany Mota will be joining Hank Green and Glozell at the White House in this year's YouTuber presidential interview! The interview will come two days after today's annual address from the president.

Bethany wants your help to come up with some suggestions for what she should ask the president on Thursday! You can do this by commenting on the video below, or tagging your questions on Twitter with the hashtag  #YouTubeAsksObama.

Meanwhile, Bethany has adored her first time in China, exploring the country, walking along the great wall of China and getting used to the time change. She shared some gorgeous photos on Instagram!

Let us know what you want Bethany Mota to ask the president in the comments below, and be sure to join our Motavator community at Sweety High!