Yummy World's New Delectable Dessert Backpacks Are Way Too Cute to Resist

If you thought Kidrobot's Yummy World plush toys were cute, wait until you see their backpacks.

The company recently added both Yummy the Pink Donut and Sandy the Ice Cream Sandwich backpacks to their line of products, and we think they're completely irresistible.

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Lucky for us, the folks at Kidrobot thought they'd be a perfect fit for Sweety High, and very generously sent us a Yummy backpack to see for ourselves. It's somehow just as adorable in person as it is in the photos.

It's impossible to walk around with this backpack and not be showered in compliments. When we walked down to the marina with it to take some sunshiny photos, we were even asked if we were selling the backpacks—and the woman who wanted to know was super disappointed that we weren't.

Yummy World: Pink donut backpack among flowers

The backpack is made with vegan leather, looks super high-quality, and comes with two removable and totally adjustable straps. The backpack is big enough to hold the contents of a small handbag, and though it won't be quite big enough to ferry around your textbooks, it's a great size for smaller notebooks and all of your school supplies.

The donut bag even has a little viewing hole so you can see right through it, really selling the donut aesthetic. We love the pink "frosting" and colorful sprinkles framing the donut's goofy smile and giant eyes. It also comes with a pink satin drawstring bag, which is great both for protecting the donut bag itself from dust, and for stowing stuff inside your bag that you don't necessarily want everyone to peep through the hole in the donut.

Yummy World: Pink donut viewing hole

Both the Yummy bag and ice cream sandwich bag retail for $75 each, which is definitely on the pricier side, but for all that cuteness and quality, we happen to think they're totally worth it. Both bags are limited edition, so if you want one, don't sleep on it.

Both bags are so absurdly charming that we hope that even more Yummy World backpacks are on the way. We'd totally lose it if they ever made their adorable ramen or fiery puffs into equally astounding backpacks, so we're crossing our fingers that that might happen.


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