The Newest Addition to Yummy World's Adorable Lineup Are Perfect Foodie Gifts

Over the past couple of years, Kidrobot's Yummy World has firmly cemented itself as my favorite plushie brand.

They're famous for taking all of your favorite foods, from fruits and veggies to desserts and school cafeteria staples, and transforming them into stuffed characters with big cartoon eyes and happy little smiles. They're constantly adding new adorableness to their lineup, and we think some of upcoming items are some of their cutest yet. Keep scrolling for a sneak peek of these future releases.


Hot sauce-lovers are going to go wild for this cute bottle of "Yummysco." Both the cap and the body of the bottle give off a metallic shimmer that gives off the impression of radiating heat, and the matte label is sure to delight Tobasco fanatics. There's even a cute spicy pepper tethered to the bottle, along with a little drip of sweet along its temple, to demonstrate just how hot things are getting.




Yummy World's new slice of American cherry pie is delightful in its simplicity. This cute slice appears to have a crisp, flaky crust and lattice top over red filling, and the little red ball with a face on it is the literal cherry on top. This plush may settle and cake vs. pie debate once and for all.




Hot Cocoa

It's all about the details with this ridiculously sweet plush. It's cute enough that it's a mug of hot cocoa, but even the marshmallows sticking up out of it have toasty edges, and one of them's wearing a festive red and green scarf. The candy cane stirring stick is totally removable and has a face of its own, and the swirls in the cocoa spell out "YW" for Yummy World. There's also a knit pattern circling the mug, and a tiny dribble of cocoa spilling over the front. Too cute.





Camille the Yummy Meal

Last but not least is Camille the Yummy Meal, which is the most extra new plush, in the best way possible. From the outside, this kid's meal is charming enough, with a word search, maze and "nutritional facts" printed on the side, but it's what's on the inside that counts.


Camille comes with friends: Sippy Sam, the Nuggeteers and the Crunchy Brothers. Sippy Sam is a little fountain drink cup. The Nuggeteers live within a chicken-adorned container and consist of four crinkly chicken nugget plushes and a packet of honey mustard dipping sauce. Lastly, the Crunchy Brothers contain three smiling red and green apple slices within a plush pouch. This Yummy Meal is sure to make all of your friends jealous.




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