What You HAVE to Know About Singer-Songwriter Zach Brandon

Zach Brandon's optimistic "Top of the Hill" is exactly the song we need right now.

The L.A. singer-songwriter is all about gorgeous, stripped-down music that expresses authentic emotion, and we're all about it. Zach's talents deserve to be heard, and we were thrilled to get the chance to learn all about him and share all the little things that make him one-of-a-kind.

Zach Brandon Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Royce Gorsuch)

Name: Zachary Brandon Zimmerman

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Birthday: March 19

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Fun Facts:

1. Zach says he couldn't live without the podcasts app on his phone.

"I listen to podcasts when I'm working out, at the gym, and even in the shower. I have this thing about being as efficient as possible—why not gain some knowledge while in the shower instead of staring at a wall?"

-Zach Brandon

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2. Blackfish has made more of an impact on his life than any other film.

"I've always been interested in animal intelligence, but what made this movie have such a great impact on me was that I saw it at a time in my life where I'd matured enough to comprehend and internalize the terrible emotional and physical effects that animals incur when they are abused. I've always believed that most wildlife is far more conscious than we understand—they all have routines, families, homes, awareness—and when I saw Blackfish, I really started paying close attention to how I can make changes in my life to help impact the fair treatment of animals with a higher consciousness."

-Zach Brandon

3. His biggest hero is his dad.

4. He would love to live in the Marvel universe and be Iron Man.

5. He has unexpectedly good aim.

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6. He loves earthy scents, like hardwood and eucalyptus.

7. He has some early bird tendencies under the right circumstances.

"When I have things to do, I'm a morning person. There's something about the very early morning (I'm talking as early as 4:30 or 5 a.m.), when I feel like when everyone is asleep, the world is less chaotic and there's less energy bouncing around, so I can focus better and work with fewer interruptions."

-Zach Brandon

8. Zach is quite the soccer player.

"I played soccer in college, and I even traveled to South America to play on a team representing the USA. Soccer is, in my opinion, so delicate and precise. There's a reason they call it the Beautiful Game."

-Zach Brandon

9. His favorite snack is either a fruit plate or Trader Joe's Organic Honey Hedgehog Butter Cookies.

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10. He says the thing people should know about him is that he's very intentional.

"I subscribe heavily to the idea that opportunity cost is ubiquitous. I am always thinking about every option before I make a final decision about my music. I am fastidious about every single part of every song I write and then record, be it lyrics, melody guitar, drums, etc. I try so many different ideas on so many different instruments in so many different sections because I always want to make sure that I couldn't have done something "better" (a relative term, of course). It definitely drives me crazy most of the time, but I'm okay with going crazy for the sake of creating the best work I can."

-Zach Brandon


Check out the video for Zach's dreamy "Top of the Hill" below!


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