Zach Clayton's New and Swoon-Worthy Single Is the Perfect V-Day Jam ????

Seeing as today is Valentine's Day, we've got one thing on our minds: L-O-V-E.

Whether you're in love, looking for love or just love love, we've got the perfect tune to help you jam out today—it's called "Odd Petals."

The sweet and sentimental single is the masterpiece of YouNow personality Zach Clayton and it dropped today.

Zach Clayton

Scroll below to hear directly from Zach what this song means to him and which pop artists influence his musical style. 

Artist: Zach Clayton

Age: 16

New single: "Odd Petals"

What it means to Zach: " 'Odd Petals' is one of my first ballads. It has such a deep meaning behind it. I connected with this song because of how different it was from my other music and I think it's relatable to every love story. I loved the whole style and vibe of it."

Biggest influences: "There are so many great pop stars who inspire me, but I really look up to Shawn Mendes. His career has been really amazing to watch and I love what he's done in music."

Dream venue: "I would want to perform at the biggest arena in Texas because that's where I've lived my whole life and it would just be an amazing feeling."

Dream duet would be with: "I would love to duet with Shawn Mendes."

Fave songs: "My favorite song right now is 'iSpy' by Kyle And Lil Yachty."

What you hope to accomplish: "To be known for my music by some of the greatest artists out there and my musical inspirations!"

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