Zapped Full Length Trailer For New Zendaya Film!

Zendaya's upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Zapped, finally has a full-length trailer showing off more of the movie's plot. The movie will premiere on June 27!Zapped Full Length Trailer

The video begins with Zendaya's character, Zoey Stevens, making a speech at the wedding of her mom and new stepdad.

As she's speaking, Zoey's new stepbrother's actions result in a chain reaction ending in Zoey being drenched by a falling chocolate fondue fountain! Before long, it's clear that Zoey isn't entirely pleased with the new additions to her family.

At her new school, local cutie Jackson Kale (played by Lab Rat's Spencer Boldman), tells Zoey she might be addicted to her cell phone.

Of course Zoey's phone soon gets dropped in the bathtub by her new dog, and thrown out the window by her stepbrother before it rolls around a satellite dish, down a row of solar panels and right into a dish of dog food!

Soon, Zoey discovers that her phone has undergone a strange transformation. She finds out that her dog training out starts controlling all of the boys around her, forcing them to obey her every word!

However, getting everything she wants out of the boys in her life has unforeseen consequences. Zoey and her best friend must scramble to put things back to the way they were!

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