Zapped Starring Zendaya Movie Details!

Zendaya has released more details about her upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Zapped, in which Zendaya stars as a girl named Zoey Stevens!

Zapped is based off the novel Boys Are Dogs by Leslie Margolis.

In Zapped, Zoey's life gets turned upside down after her mom gets remarried. She has to adjust to life with a new stepdad and three stepbrothers and their strange habits. Even Zoey's new dog is a boy!

The one thing that gets Zoey through her tough situation is her phone. She even downloads an app that helps her train her unruly dog.

But when Zoey's little brother breaks her phone, the dog training app malfunctions and starts letting Zoey command all of the boys around her!

"She can go around and control the boys," Zendaya said in a recent interview with ClevverTV. "She's making video gamers do yoga, she's making them into the most clean perfect examples of boys she can make."

But when she tampers with things too much, it backfires, and she has to go back and set things right!

We can't wait for Zapped to debut next year!

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