Zapped Teaser Trailer Stars Zendaya!

The first teaser for Zendaya's upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Zapped, is finally here!Zapped Teaser Zendaya

The video clip of the movie, which debuts this summer on the Disney Channel, is only 16 seconds, but we love the feel of the film so far!

In the movie, previously titled Boys Are Dogs, Zendaya plays Zoey Stevens, a girl whose live gets flipped around when her mom gets remarried.

In fact, the teaser takes place at her Zoey's mom's wedding, where a sneeze sets off a chain reaction that ends in a chocolate fondue fountain coating Zoey!

After her mom's marriage, Zoey must adjust not just to a new school, but a new family of a step dad, three stepbrothers and an unruly dog. However, things get a little easier when Zoey realizes that a dog-training application on her phone also works to control the boys in her life!

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