Zayanne Rifai & Cimorelli Against Bullying!

Cimorelli are teaming up with anti-bullying advocate Zayanne Rifai for a new contest! The winners get an exclusive performance by Cimorelli at their schools!Zayanne Rifai

Zayanne Rifai was bullied for more than 10 years, but when she emerged from the experience she wanted to be a survivor rather than a victim.

Zayanne is about to launch her own "Fight Your Ignorance" clothing line, featuring t-shirts that encourage positivity and remind others that it's not cool to be a bully.

Now, Zayanne has teamed up with Rocket21 for the "Squash-Da-Bully-Nation" t-shirt design contest, in which students can get their own positive words featured on a Fight Your Ignorance shirt, plus a performance by Cimorelli at their school!

To enter to win, submit your anti-bullying and pro-kindness shirt slogans and designs to the contest page on Rocket21.

Two grand prize winners will be selected! Their schools will get to host an anti-bullying summit featuring Zayanne Rifai and more,  work with a Grammy nominated songwriter to write an official school anti-bullying track, and Cimorelli will perform the song live at their schools!

Students at the school will also get t-shirts with the winner's original design!

We love with Zayanne Rifai and Cimorelli are doing together to stomp out bullying. Join us at Sweety High to tell us what you do to quash bullying at school!