The Most Heartbreaking Reactions to Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's Breakup on Twitter

We're not trying to be dramatic, but apparently love is dead.

After more than two years together, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have ended their relationship. Rumors of their breakup started circulating earlier this week and both Zayn and Gigi confirmed their split in beautiful tweets that acknowledged how much the pair cared for each other.

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For the past two years, Gigi and Zayn have been a beacon of light in a sea of messy celeb relationships, reminding us that everyone can find a partner that supports and cares for them through good times and bad. Given their status as one of the world's favorite celeb couples, fans are understandably upset.

Keep scrolling to see the most heartbreaking Twitter reactions to the duo's split:

This Fan Who Lost All Hope in Celebrity Couples

If they can't make it, no one can.


This Fan Who Acknowledges That Two Years Honestly Feels Like Forever

How could they throw it all away?!


This Fan Who Definitely Has Their Priorities Straight

Zayn and Gigi > schoolwork.


This Fan Who Feels Like Everything Is Going Wrong at Once

We can't take anymore bad news!


This Fan Who Doesn't Even Know Where to Go From Here

How do we live in a world without Zayn and Gigi?


This Fan Who Said Everything We Were Feeling

Love doesn't exist, sorry.


As upset as we are by this breakup, we don'really believe love is dead. If you're still happy in your relationship, click HERE for 12 flirty memes you should send your S.O.