Zayn Malik's Most On Fleekest Fashion Moments So Far

Oh, Zayn Malik, where do we even begin with you? He's honestly just such a perfect human being that we refuse to believe he's real. Let's talk about how he recently rocked a FLORAL PRINT jacket to a fashion show and looked too hot to handle. And there are plenty of other times Zayn proved he was one stylish dude. Try to keep the drool to a minimum while scrolling through the perfection that is Zayn Malik.

A photo of Zayn Malik at a Louis Vuitton fashion show standing in front of a fountain. He has sunglasses on and his hair is bleached. He is wearing a floral jacket with jeans.

(via Teen Vogue)

He had green hair and we certainly cared.

This is an Instagram photo of Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik together. Zayn has his arm around Perrie and she is cuddled in his chest. Zayn's hair is green.

(via People)

He's truly Prince Charming.

A photo of Zayn Malik on a red carpet. He has his hair slicked back and in a man bun. He is wearing a black blazer with a paint splattered shirt underneath it.

(via Pinterest)

Put this photo underneath "perfect specimen" in the dictionary.

This is a photo of Zayn Malik onstage at a One Direction show. He is wearing black pants, a gray shirt, a black overshirt and a red ascot around his neck. He is holding a microphone stand with both of his hands.

(via Twist)

We can't even.

Zayn Malik on the red carpet for an award show. He is wearing an all black outfit and his hair is looking mighty fine.

(via Twitter)

Not all heroes wear capes…but sometimes they do and we freak out a little bit.

Zayn Malik is walking down the street for the One Direction movie premiere. He is wearing a black jacket that resembles a cape with black pants and a white shirt.

(via Reveal)


This is a photo of Zayn Malik sitting in his seat at an MTV award show. He is wearing a leather jacket with a blue shirt underneath. His hair looks like a cinnamon bun.

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Zayn Malik is walking down the street in an all black outfit.

(via Daily Mail)

Zayn's just too perfect it hurts. Which of Zayn's fashion moments poked you in the heart? Share all your feels with us in the comments below.