11 Reasons We Fall In Love With Zayn Malik Every Day

We are totally in denial that Zayn Malik is dropping out of the One Direction world tour. In light of this devastating news (that we are refusing to accept), here are 11 reasons Zayn made us fall in love with him.

Because his hair does things to people…

…and that blonde streak nearly broke the internet

Because Zerrie is our OTP

And sleepy Zayn is the cutest thing we've ever seen

Because, admit it, you'd agree to a second date with Zayn in a heartbeat

And Zayn really owns the nerd thing

He loves Disney (almost) as much as we do

And, bizarrely, he makes a gorgeous lady

Plus, he's an animal lover

Because we fell in love with him the moment we saw his audition


Why are you in love with Zayn?