All the Times Zendaya Couldn't Care Less About Your Beauty Standards

Zendaya has pretty much done it all. At 18, she's an actress, singer and fashion icon who's not afraid to speak her mind about what beauty means to her. After Zendaya got some web hate for her short BET Awards hairdo, she took to Twitter in the best way possible to say she doesn't care what they have to think!

"When people don't like your hair but they tweetin bout you tho….." Zendaya knows just how to put detractors in their place.

Of course she stuck by her hairstyle choice, and shared this artist's rendition of the cut, which totally slays.

BTW, it was actually a wig.

And that's not the first time people have been rude to Zendaya online. After she was criticized for posting selfies sans makeup on Instagram, she made a very important video about how important it is to just DO YOU, whether you're all about makeup or prefer a natural look.

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She's not afraid to post her GRAMMY outfit and an airport pic with no makeup back to back on Instagram like it's NBD.

And after a Twitter account made a post saying guys should make girls run laps to see what a girl really looks like without her makeup, Zendaya came to the artists defense and made it clear she looks amazing whether she's rocking her makeup or not.

Earlier this year Zendaya made headlines, and a major fashion statement, with her gorgeous dreadlocks on the Oscars red carpet. Unfortunately, they prompted rude comments, but Zendaya was fast to speak out, and soon the whole internet was backing her up.

"There is a fine line between what is funny and disrespectful. Someone said something about my hair at the Oscars that left me in awe. Not because I was relishing in rave outfit reviews, but because I was hit with ignorant slurs and pure disrespect."

And she followed up with the most graceful acceptance of an apology ever.

Basically, Zendaya is a queen. When a Twitter user called Zendaya ugly, she shot back with one of the most fabulous photos ever. In an instant, the internet knew Zendaya was right.

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