Zendaya Speaks Out Against Body Shaming On Twitter!

Zendaya took to Twitter earlier this week to respond to negative comments she was receiving about her appearance, making it clear that all body types are beautiful and that no one should be shamed for their size!zendaya body image positive

"I'm naturally a skinny string bean and I love it" Zendaya began, tagging the post with #thickasastic #imcomfortableinmyski #okrrrrr and #snapsinZformation

She continued, explaining that people have commented on her photos saying she's far too skinny and that they can see her bones.

"[U]m yeah good observation booboo," she said, "that's called a clavicle"

She went on to make a case for women of all shapes and sizes. Bigger women face the opposite criticism.

"For anyone who can relate..people be like 'I can't even see her bones'..good observation booboo, that's called a curve" Zendaya added.

In very few words, she was able to say that all body shapes are beautiful, plus how important it is to love the body you're in, whether you're big, small or anywhere in between!

"Sorry I have zero tolerance for ignorance#hadtosetemstraightrsalquick #yougottaloveyou" she finished.

We're so glad that Zendaya is sticking up not only for herself, but everyone out there who has ever been shamed for their bodies! We didn't need another excuse to consider Z one of our idols, but this definitely makes us love her even more!

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