Zendaya Chats With the Huffington Post!

Zendaya sat down for an interview with the Huffington post recently to talk all about what it's like to be a Disney Channel star!

She started by talking about her Shake It Up costar, Bella Thorne.

Zendaya talks to the Huffington Post

"I  love Bella, she's my little sister," Zendaya said. "Right now she's in Africa shooting a movie and I'm very proud of her. I've been texting her and I'm just like 'I'm proud of you, no matter how far you are, just know iIm still your big sister, don't try to grow up while you're away."

Zendaya said that regardless of what happens, she has a great support system in her friends and family.

The transition from Disney Channel kids to teens and adults can be tough. Zendaya said she doesn't think it will be too tough for her.

"I think everyone's transition is different," she said. "I'm not really transitioning, I'm just growing up."

Show business can be a tough environment for growing teens, but Zendaya seems to be coping fine.

"It's all about having that support and good people around you and i definitely have that," Zendaya said. "I'm a good kid. I don't really have to worry about getting in trouble or whatever. I'm just a good kid and I'm just trying to spread that goodness to the younger generations."

And that's definitely something she's doing! Between acting on Shake It Up and dancing her heart out on Dancing With the Stars, she's acting as an awesome influence to younger kids and peers alike.

Zendaya chats with the Huffingon Post

She also said she doesn't worry too much about bad influences.

"To me it's pretty usually obvious. I'm pretty perceptive," Zendaya said. I can pick it up. Even if I don't, that's what I have parents for. I have a very great support system, we're very tight so we can always tell."

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