Zendaya Debut Album To Be Self-Titled!

Zendaya has just announced the title and revealed the album art for her Zendaya debut album, which comes out September 17! Zendaya debut album

The album art for the aptly named Zendaya album shows Zendaya in the middle of a fierce shout. It's making us very curious about what the rest of the album might sound like.

The music video for Zendaya's first single, "Replay" releases Thursday, and a preview for the music video reveals Zendaya showing off some amazing moves!

The video was directed by Colin Tilley, who directed Austin Mahone's "What About Love" music video, Mindless Behavior's "All Around the World," and more. We're glad it's only two days before we'll be able to see the whole video!

Zendaya is about to set off on a bunch of tour dates throughout the U.S. and Canada. Check them out below!

  • August 24 – Syracuse, NY – New York State Fair
  • August 25 – Toronto, Ontario – Family Channel Event
  • September 20 – Bakersfield, CA – Kern County Fair
  • September 21 – Pomona, CA – Los Angeles County Fair
  • October 1 – Tulsa, OK – Tulsa State Fair
  • October 12 – Fresno, CA – Fresno Fair
  •  October 25 – Phoenix, AZ – Arizona State Fair