Zendaya's 22nd Birthday Celebration Was Every Harry Potter Fan's Dream

You're never too old for a Harry Potter-themed birthday celebration.

Zendaya just turned 22, and the famous Potterhead celebrated in the best way possible: She went to visit Hogwarts via the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. It was a day of Butterbeer, broom rides and spellbinding adventure, and yes, we're a little jealous.

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Zendaya shared some of the fun in her Instagram Stories, and fans were kind enough to screenshot them and share them so we could all experience the magic. It'almost like we were there.

Her visit wasn't just a gift to herself. By being there, Zendaya also made other people really happy. One fan who was lucky enough to spot the actress tweeted, "What are the odds that Id [sic] go to Harry Potter Studios at meet the beautiful @Zendaya."

It was a big day for everyone. As you can see, there's no place like Hogwarts.


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