Zendaya Is Giving Us So Much Life As Our Woman Crush Wednesday!

Zendaya is just one of those people who really has it all together. From being able to pull off every fashion trend since the beginning of time to inspiring us all to be the best we can possibly be, there's no shortage of reasons why Zendaya is someone we sincerely admire. So it was about time we made her our #WCW, even though she's technically our woman crush all day, every day.

Zendaya #WCW


Zendaya on three different red carpets

(via Vogue, Idolator & USA News)

Whenever Zendaya steps out on the red carpet, we know we are about to witness fashion at its finest. Her style is always evolving and there really isn't a single piece of clothing that she doesn't look good in.


Zendaya makeup selfie

(via Twist Magazine)

Her style isn't the only thing on point, so is her makeup. Her contour skills are anything but basic and nobody can blend eyeshadow better than Zendaya. It would be lovely if she decided to drop a makeup tutorial one of these days.


Zendaya no makeup selfie

(via Seventeen)

And she is still beyond gorgeous rocking the no makeup look.


Zendaya hair collage

(via Popsugar)

Can we talk about how she can literally pull off every hairstyle in the history of ever? She's probably the only person who can go from wearing a sleek bob to a curly fro and look equally amazing in both.


Her voice is something so special. You are probably already obsessed with her song "Replay," but you truly haven't lived until you've heard the acoustic version. BRB, patiently waiting for her new album to drop next year.


Zendaya saying nobody's ugly

(via Twist Magazine)

She gives THE BEST advice and is always making us feel better about ourselves. It's so true, nobody is ugly! You're all beautiful and amazing human beings.


zendaya says youtube makeup artist is slaying both ways

(via Twitter)

And she's all about sticking up for her fellow females. When an irrelevant peasant said guys always need to be aware of what girls look like without their makeup, Zendaya shut them down with this flawless response.


Zendaya talking about her body being photoshopped

(via MIC)

A magazine Photoshopped Zendaya and she was having none of it. She immediately made sure they posted the unretouched photo of her, because she is not about the way the media creates unrealistic beauty standards for women.


Zendaya holding her Barbie

(via J-14)

Since Zendaya's basically perfect, it's no wonder she has her own Barbie doll.

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