zeph's 'you don't like me like that' Is the Ultimate Anthem for Anyone Getting Led On

From her ridiculously relatable songwriting to her hilarious viral Twitter account, there are a million reasons to be in love with alt-pop singer-songwriter and producer Zeph, and her new single, "you don't like me like that," is the perfect intro to what makes her music one of a kind.

The track dropped today, blending driving string orchestration with pop-punk energy to create the ultimate anthem for anyone who knows they're being led on by their crush. It has one of the punchiest and most unforgettable choruses we've heard all year—the kind you just have to scream along with—and even better, it's just a first taste of more music to come. Zeph is also dropping her first-ever album, character development, this summer, with "you don't like me like that" serving as the opening track. We cannot wait, and we got the chance to chat with Zeph herself all about the bold new single and what it means to her.

The Story Behind 'you don't like me like that'

Zeph: It's about a time I liked a guy and I think he kind of liked me, too, but I felt like he was leading me on, and I just wanted him to tell me to f*** off so I would stop believing I had a chance.


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What 'you don't like me like that' Means

Zeph: I don't really think it means anything other than me yelling what I wish I could say to anyone but him.

I feel like this song is very self-explanatory and one of my simplest songs lyrically. It's just me being frustrated, shouting into the void.

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Zeph's Favorite Lyric

Zeph: I think, "Just hate me so I can sleep at night," because it shows how desperate I was for closure.

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