Zero Waste Store Has Some Seriously Cute Workout Sets

I'm a total sucker for a cute workout set.

I'm the sort of person who absolutely thrives when my outfit looks good. If I'm in something frumpy to work out in, I won't be able to find the determination or motivation to get my sweat on. That's why I love investing in solid sets. So, when the team at Zero Waste Store asked if I'd like to try out a set for myself, I was more than happy to. Look below for my full and honest review of the Wolven set from Zero Waste Store.

The Brand

Zero Waste Store is all about sustainability and is a platform dedicated to brands with the same values and mindset. If sustainability and making our earth a better place are important to you, check out the brands and products at Zero Waste Store, which are all green and eco-centric.

From apparel to bags, beauty, home, cleaning and much more, there are tons of categories to shop at Zero Waste Store.


The Set

Wolven Onyx Pyramid Top: $32

When I first took a look at this Onyx Pyramid Top from Wolven, it was much thinner than I was expecting. I was worried it was going to be sheer, but to my surprise, it covered up everything perfectly. The strappy back and Y-neck is so cute and versatile, and I've already worn it a number of times in the short time I've had it.

And while this particular sports bra doesn't offer tons of support, it's perfect for me and the types of workouts I like to do. If you're more of a runner, for example, this is probably not the sports bra for you. However, if you're into things like pilates or yoga, you'll love how breezy and freeing this feels. The soft fabric is anti-microbial and made from upcycled post-consumer recycled plastic.


(via Zero Waste Store)


Wolven Onyx High-Waisted Short: $62

Since I live in Southern California, I can get away with wearing workout shorts pretty much all year long. Compared to the sports bra, the shorts seemed to be a bit thicker with more of a lining. So when I tried them on for the first time, they covered up everything, just as I was expecting!

I'very into the high-waisted fit and absolutely hate it when my belly button shows. So I was really happy to find my belly was completely covered! The shorts themselves are super soft, pretty stretchy and even seemed to make my legs look longer. When I went to the gym wearing them, I didn't have to keep pulling them down or adjusting them, which is just what I like in a pair of workout shorts.


(via Zero Waste Store)


Bottom Line

I'm super happy with the way the Wolven set fits from Zero Waste Store. Not only is it super cute, but it's sustainable, too! I'm personally trying to practice more sustainability, and shopping at Zero Waste Store is a great way to get that done.


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