Here's What I Really Think of the Zig-Zag Hair Trend After Trying it Myself

Although I may not be the trendiest girl in the world, I take pride in keeping tabs on what's making waves (pun intended) in the beauty and fashion world.

The latest trend to captivate my attention is the zig-zag hair style—a crimped hair do that radiates total '90s vibes.

After seeing it blow up my social feeds, I knew it was a craze worth trying.

With some research, I found the ZigZag Styling Iron by Glampalm, the tool responsible for making these throwback hair goals a reality. I immediately got my hands on one.

Glampalm zig zag iron

So is this crazy, cool tool worth investing in? Is it easy to use, and did it give my hair awesomely wavy body? Scroll below to find out!

When I received the product, I was actually quite eager to open it up—this is, after all, the world's first zig-zag tool.

The features of this styling tool are very sleek, and, not to mention, easy to use. It includes ceramic coating for faster styling and healthier, shinier hair; one-touch temperature control with two heat settings (350 degrees and 400 degrees fahrenheit); and an auto-shutdown that will turn off your product off after 30 minutes. Life saving. The styling wand also comes with a heat-resistant pouch for traveling.

To begin, I plugged in the iron and toggled between the two temperatures, finally deciding on its high power. My hair is thin and naturally wavy, so it takes a lot to make a wave or curl hold.

While I waited for the wand to heat up (it took only 30 seconds!) I divided my hair into sections and picked out the lucky one-inch wide strand that I'd use as a guinea pig piece.

When it was time to wrap my hair around the wand, I had to use the diagram provided in the product's instructions to figure out how to weave my hair around the zig-zag shape.

I held the iron on my hair for five-ten seconds, and then released. I continued to do this until the whole bottom half of my hair was complete.

Here's what it looked like:

Trying out the zigzag hair wand

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by how well my hair was taking to the wave, especially considering the length and thinness of my hair. With just half of my hair done, I was already starting to feel all that '90s nostalgia.

As I continued to crimp my hair, it got exceedingly more difficult.

Because I have short layers on top of my head, it was very tough to wrap my hair entirely around the wand without burning some part of my hand.

For those with short hair like myself, I would definitely recommend investing in a heat protectant glove that will keep your hands safe from burns. I really do wish the product would have come with that.

By the time I was finishing up my last few pieces, I was way more comfortable with weaving my hair through the plates—it's definitely a skill that takes just a wee bit of practice.

It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish to complete the voluminous look.

Here's a snap of the outcome:

Zig Zag hair on Brittney

So would I recommend this product to everyone? It depends.

If you have long and fairly straight hair, I think this tool will work wonders on you. There's no denying that this styling wand can create some pretty epic volume and zig-zag waves.

If you have short and thin hair like myself, this product is a little tougher to use. If you do want to try this out, I suggest you start out with smooth hair.

I made the mistake of using the wand immediately after blowdrying my hair. It was full and frizzy and ended up making my waves a little too poofy for my liking.

I would suggest running a flat iron through a few of the fluffier pieces before you begin to get the sleekest look possible.

If you have thin hair, I would again recommend getting some kind of heat protectant glove to cover your hand as you work through your hair. An iron burn is no fun!

With that being said, this really is a fun and unique product. As a '90s girl myself, I can truly appreciate a Lizzie McGuire-inspired style.

Want to try it out yourself? You can pick it up for $185 HERE. Happy crimping!


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