How Ziggy Alberts' Heartbreak Turned to Triumph in His New Track 'Heartbeat'

If you're familiar with Australian singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts, you're well aware of why we find his music so captivating.

His acoustic approach is warm and instantly relatable, with beautifully written lyrics that evoke romantic nights by the beach and summer love. With a new album on the horizon, releasing in March of 2021, he recently released a single called "Heartbeat," which sums up everything we love about Ziggy's writing.

The gorgeous track is all about how a breakup isn't just an end, but also a beginning in a potentially wonderful new chapter in life. In the following interview, Ziggy tells us all about how it came to be, and what we can expect next.

Sweety High: What was the songwriting process behind "Heartbeat"?

Ziggy Alberts: I was on tour with my friends on the road—Nathan Ball was touring with me at the time—and we both really knew the tour we were on may never happen again. We were surfing Mornington Peninsula, watching Mumford and Sons play live in Melbourne and driving down the great ocean road in Victoria in an old Kombi. I had a lot of spiritual realizations around that same time, and so this song really embodies a lot of joy for me personally. The realizations sparked the lyrical journey of this song, and then I stumbled upon the guitar riff. That is how the song came to life!


SH: What does the track mean to you, and do you feel like it was inspired by any one experience in particular?

ZA: It started off as a breakup song—hence the chorus—but turned into a story of hope and trust on summer tour, discovering new parts of who I was along the way. The choruses and verses play off each other, talking about the past and present, finding resolution in the common thread of all good things—love. I think the pursuit and embodiment of love are so important. It was inspired by the duality of my then situation.


SH: Do you have any advice for transforming heartbreak into a transformative and positive experience?

ZA: For me it is meditation, reading up on Zen and Buddhism, and listening to my all-time favorite album—Every Kingdom by Ben Howard. I'm already starting to see, in my young life, that time heals and creates perspective; things that were deeply heartbreaking even just a year or two ago make so much sense in my journey and I'm thankful for what they've taught me.


SH: What are your favorite lyrics from the track? Why?

ZA: "Felt pace in numbering afternoons until I was meeting you" because it takes me back to a moment after meditation when I realized in my heart that it was true.


SH: How has the pandemic changed the way you make music, if at all? Has it been a challenge?

ZA: With all my touring being canceled, I really took my time making my forthcoming record (Searching for Freedom)—which was first for me and that was really beautiful.

What I write songs about changes as I experience different things in each year. I have been writing about environmental and animal welfare issues to my thoughts on overcoming the many odds we face as humanity.

My year has been the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. I think a lot of us feel like that. The biggest challenge I've faced is how to keep positively contributing to the earth and other humans through this time.


SH: Are there any artists that are particularly inspiring you during these unusual times?

ZA: Bob Marley, because he really stood up for the people and what he brought forward was love. I feel like I only just recently connected with his lyrics.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

ZA: Love always wins, and hope is a great companion in these times!


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