You're Definitely an Aquarius If You Relate to These Truths

Aquarius girl, this month is all about you.

And what better way to celebrate your zodiac sign than by sharing truths that apply strictly to you? Scroll below to find out what those truths are and how many you find relatable!

1. You're the definition of selfless. When people think of you, they think about your giving nature and ability to always help others before yourself. What can you say? You have a passion for service.

2. You are somewhere in-between an introvert and an extrovert. Some days you feel timid and quiet, other days you're bouncing off the walls with energy and enthusiasm. You can't help it that you have a very dynamic personality.

Riley Matthews from 'Girl Meets World' sitting at school

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)

3. You're a problem solver. You've always been good at leading a group and solving issues because you can see without bias—a truly wonderful quality to have!

4. Even though you love to work hard and make progress in everything you do, you always make time for friends. You absolutely love being surrounded by people. 

5. And although you're great around people, you also have a deep need for alone time. Quality time with yourself is important to you because it helps you recharge. ⚡

6. You're super intellectual and always need to be mentally stimulated. If your brain's not working, you're neither happy nor motivated. It's just a fact of life!

Riley in class in "Girl Meets World'

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)

7. You're a dreamer and a planner. You're a pretty optimistic individual and you look at the world as a place full of possibilities. Way to be.

8. You're a wee bit emotional. It's not always a bad thing, but you tend to react before you think sometimes. Don't be so skeptical of others. ????

9. Even though you sometimes run on emotional expression, you truly do care about others. Some say you're the best listener in their life.

10. You stand up for what you believe in. Always. If someone disagrees with you, you'll fight to make your point.

Riley upset in 'Girl Meets World'

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)

11. You make things happen. If your life is feeling stagnant or dull, you don't sit there and wait for something exciting to happen, you work your magic and get things going. You're a doer, after all.


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