Show Off Your Star Power With These Unique Zodiac Sign-Themed Items

We don't know about you, but over here at Sweety High we're kind of obsessed with zodiac signs.

They know more about us than we'd like to admit and we wholeheartedly identify with our signs, so much that we're always repping them in some way shape or form.

If you need to add some items to your life so you can proudly show off your sign to the world, keep scrolling!

Dainty Zodiac Sign Bracelet: $24

The easiest way to display your love for your sign is with this bracelet. It's so simple that it'll go with everything you wear.

Libra zodiac sign symbol on a simple gold bracelet

(via Etsy)


Zodiac Sign Choker: $8

This isn't a want, it's a need.

Pisces zodiac sign symbol on a choker

(via Etsy)


Zodiac Sign Mug: $12

If you're really that proud of your sign, you probably already own a mug like this. If not, get on it.

Capricorn zodiac sign symbol painted on a mug

(via Etsy)


Zodiac Sign Dad Hat: $14.99

Repping your sign the right way.

Virgo zodiac sign symbol embroidered on a black dad hat

(via Etsy)


Hand-Stamped Zodiac Sign Ring: $10

Cutest. Ring. Ever.

Aries hand-stamped onto a metal ring

(via Etsy)


Zodiac Sign Print: $8.71

Not only is this print absolutely stunning, it even lists three of the best qualities associated with your sign.

Aquarius zodiac sign print

(via Etsy)


Zodiac Sign Stones: $10

Dealing with a rough day will be so much easier with these stones by your side. Each sign has four stones specifically chosen to aid them when times get tough.

Stones for Gemini zodiac sign pouch

(via Etsy)


Zodiac Sign Candle: $8.03

Each sign's candle is uniquely crafted to cater to what suits you best. Basically you're guaranteed to love it.

Taurus zodiac sign candle

(via Etsy)


Zodiac Sign Makeup Bag: $13.40

Your makeup has to be stored somewhere, so it might as well be in this personalized bag.

Cancer zodiac sign makeup bag

(via Etsy)


Zodiac Sign Patch: $8

Your denim jacket is begging you to iron this bad boy on it.

Scorpio zodiac sign patch

(via Etsy)


Zodiac Sign Keychain: $8

Keeping your keys all in one place has never looked cuter or felt more personalized.

Leo symbol zodiac sign keychain

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Zodiac Sign Laptop Decal: $3

A laptop decal is always a safe bet.

Sagittarius zodiac sign laptop decal

(via Etsy)


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