Zolita Pours Out Her Love for Her Best Friend-Turned-Girlfriend in 'Ashley'

We can always count on filmmaker and singer-songwriter Zolita to release the most relatable tracks with unforgettable, cinematic music videos to match, and her new release "Ashley" just might be our favorite yet.

With its whimsical acoustic sound, the new song is a striking true love story about a close friendship that develops into romantic love. It's vulnerable, sincere and sappy in all the best ways, with a catchy chorus that makes it destined to be a new queer love anthem. The music video tells a slightly different story, with Zolita preparing for Ashley's wedding to another woman while revisiting her old memories of young love, and ending in precisely the twist we needed. The story also picks up right where her previous singles "20 Questions" and "Ruin My Life" left off, making up one incredible narrative. Ahead of the release of her Falling Out / Falling In EP, out Feb. 10, we had the opportunity to speak with Zolita and learn all about the song and its lyrics, and why this one is so special to her.

The Story Behind 'Ashley'

Zolita: I wrote "Ashley" when I was falling in love with a close friend (now girlfriend). I wanted to write the kind of emo, pining love song I grew up listening to men sing—like "Hey There Delilah" and "Check Yes, Juliet"—but make it queer.


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What 'Ashley' Means

Zolita: This is truly one of my favorite songs I've ever written. It was the first song I wrote for my girlfriend—but I also wrote it for the young queer inside of me that would have really benefited from having a song like this growing up.

Zolita with pink hair in leather outfit for Falling in / Falling Out artwork

(Photo credit: Amber Asaly)


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Zolita's Favorite Lyric

Zolita: I love the second verse.

"Your biggest fear's my history and mine's the thought of what could be. If there's a world with you and me, then there's a world where you could leave."

I think it really captures the feeling you get before jumping into a relationship—and how scary it is to be vulnerable with someone in that way.

Zolita with pink hair in leather outfit for Ashley

(Photo credit: Amber Asaly)


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