Katniss & Hermione Make Our Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team

Preparing for a zombie apocalypse might sound crazy, but we've all done it. The key to survival is surrounding yourself with the best people to help you make it through another day of finding food, looking for shelter, and fighting off crazy, mindless creeps who want to eat your brains. Ew. Here's our dream apocalypse party featuring some of our favorite YA characters

zombie apocalypse survival team cole holland hermione granger peeta mellark lana lazar

The Leader: Cole Holland

cole holland alice in zombieland

Cole already leads a group of amazing zombie fighters in the Alice in Zombieland series. Fighting zombies has been his life for just about as long as he can remember, so there will be no surprises for Cole when the apocalypse gets messy. When he gives an order, people follow. He demands loyalty and trust in the heat of battle. Plus he's pretty dreamy, so that's a plus.

The Brains: Hermione Granger

hermione granger harry potter the brains zombie survival team

When it comes to research, no one can beat Harry Potter's Hermione. She knows how to work her way through a library, which is more valuable than you might think in an end-of-the-world scenario. Her intelligence will be crucial in keeping the team together when things get rough, and her logical thinking can get the team through problems that brute force alone can't solve.

The Muscle: Celaena Sardothien

thorne of glass celaena sardothien zombie survival the muscle

Celaena from Throne of Glass is a major butt-kicker, and she knows it. Feared by many as one of the most vicious assassins in the world, Celaena would be perfect for taking down zombie hoards and threatening anyone who dares disturb the group. On top of that, she's got a good heart and would do everything possible to protect those loyal to her. She's also ready to take orders and fulfill her duties quickly and without complaint, making her an amazing companion on the quest of survival.

Weapons Expert: Wren Connolly

wren connolly weapons expert zombie apocalpyse reboot

Reboot's Wren is nearly a zombie herself, having died and come back to life as a reboot. Reboots are stronger and faster than ordinary people. She's one of the best soldiers anyone has ever seen in her world. Her humanity, while intact, has been shrouded by a robotic approach to human interaction. She's slowly working toward getting more in touch with her humanity, but in the meantime she can still be a valuable team member.

The Healer: Lana Arwen Lazar

lana gone zombie survival the healer

In the Gone series, Lana has the ability to heal almost any injury with just a touch and a bit of time. She may be reluctant to join a group, but if it proves beneficial for her to travel in a pack, she'll hop right in and heal as needed as long as her trusted canine companion Patrick gets to tag along, too.

The Scout: Peeta Mellark

peeta mellark zombie survival the hunger games the scout

Every survival team needs someone to be on the lookout for danger and other possible survivors, and The Hunger Games' Peeta fits the bill. His ability to blend into the environment would be a huge asset for scoping out an area or even checking on another team of survivors to see if they'll be trouble later. And who doesn't love Peeta? He has an uncanny ability of getting people on his side and keeping people together. He'll be team's (super adorable) glue.

The Hunter: Katniss Everdeen

katniss everdeen bow and arrow the hunter the hunger games zombie survival

We're going to need food. That canned stuff is only going to last so long, and who wants to eat the same meals day in and day out? For years, The Hunger Games hero Katniss hunted to provide her family with meat, and we're positive she'd be able to bring the group more than enough to sustain them. Everyone knows Katniss is an archery expert, which would come in handy not only for hunting food, but taking down zombies as well. We didn't have the heart to separate Katniss and Peeta. They're just too good together.

What does your zombie apocalypse team look like? What role might you be in the group? Share with us in the comments below, and let us know your favorite books in fan clubs at SweetyHigh.com.