10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of March 11, 2022

We're only a couple of short weeks from the official start of spring, and it looks like with the weather getting warmer, the music scene is heating up as well.

Seriously—this week had so many fantastic releases it actually pained us to leave some of its best releases off this list, but we finally managed to narrow it down. The talent on display was truly staggering, from up-and-comers like awfultune and Rachel Chinouriri to huge stars including Maren Morris, Sean Paul and Pia Mia, and you will not be able to stop listening to these tracks. Keep scrolling to discover 10 big things that happened in music the week of March 11, 2022.

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1. awfultune Embraces Transformative Self-Love With'wild honey'

Indie artist Layla Eden, better known by the moniker awfultune, is a trans artist with a powerful story to tell, and that's apparent in her latest release, "wild honey." The track is stripped back and raw, with lyrics about not letting anyone else define you—and we simply can't get enough of her voice.  In a press release, Layla explained that the track, "takes you from the beginning of feeling worthless and carries you through the chorus with powerful affirmations of self-love. Taken from real-life experiences, this mirrors exactly what I went through in my own transformation. Finally feeling secure, I discover that I am all of these positive things—without a man having to tell me that. This is a healing track and completely encapsulates the meaning of the album as a whole. I hope this song resonates with people who have ever found themselves in a situation where they have placed too much of their value on someone else."


2. Rachel Chinouriri Asks for More in 'All I Ever Asked'

Have you ever felt like you deserved so much more in a relationship? English singer-songwriter Rachel Chinouriri saw this as a common theme not just in her own life, but also in the life of a friend, and was inspired to write a song about it. "'All I Ever Asked' was inspired by a breakup my friend was going through, and it made me reflect on a similar situation I was going through too; the feeling of asking someone you love to respect you in the simplest form and realizing it's the bare minimum," Rachel said in a press release. "It's also about realizing your own worth and not settling for someone who cannot be what you need." With its melodic, synthy instrumentation and Rachel's unparalleled voice, this is one you'll be listening to over and over.


3. David J Gets Romantic With 'U or Nothing'

There's something about lovey-dovey country tracks that speak straight to our hearts, and David J's new single "U or Nothing" is no exception. The singer-songwriter and TikTok star melts our hearts in this rousing love song, and it's a must-listen for country fans. "This song was written with my friend Dylan Brady," David told Sweety High. "We went into our session and we brought how I was feeling into lyrics. This song means a lot to me because I wrote it about the girl I was talking to at the time. We have stopped talking since then, maybe now she will hear the song. "


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4. Finn Matthews Releases Debut Album things i've been going thru 

Singer-songwriter Finn Matthews is going places, and his debut album, things i've been thru, features 10 stunning tracks that prove it. With his honeyed vocals and deeply emotional songwriting, it's far too easy to relate to his tracks, and we're obsessed. "things i've been going thru, as a title, is just what I feel when I listen to the music and think about the context in which each song was written," Finn told Sweety High. "Each song is a time capsule of a unique feeling that I felt at a specific moment in time. So in that sense, the project is just a bunch of different feelings that I've felt. It's autobiographical in that all the emotions are genuine things I've been through. It's not all super literal though–there is some storytelling involved that didn't necessarily happen exactly as the songs tell it. But all of the feeling is real."


5. Alissic Casts Her Spell With 'Superstitious'

Brazilian singer-songwriter may be new to the game, but her third song ever, "Superstitious," demonstrates the technique of a seasoned artist. There's something a bit magical about the song and its irresistible vocals, backed by Latin-influenced percussion and guitars—and we especially love the bridge in Portuguese. "It makes me feel warm and like home with its Latin American influence," Alissic said in a press release. "The super spacey and lush sound in the pre-chorus gives it a really ethereal vibe. It feels like you are crafting a spell, when you talk about female intuition it means you are in tune with yourself and the universe, and I wanted to reflect that in the sound".


6. Lyn Lapid Reminisces on Old Relationships in 'The Outsider'

We've been fans of Lyn Lapid since her first Tiktok-viral hit, "Producer Man," and she never ceases to stun us with her versatility and ability to produce hit after hit. Her latest single, "The Outsider," is a moody pop ballad about growing apart from people, and we can definitely relate. "I wrote 'The Outsider' about that stage in your life when you start to grow apart from people who were part of your every day," Lyn said in a press release. "For a lot of people, it can be about becoming distant in relationships that you thought would last forever. For me, those relationships in my life were with my old high school friends. Since we all kind of went in different directions after high school, it was sort of inevitable to become distant with them. Watching them grow apart from you and seeing them make new memories with other people is a truly bittersweet feeling. They were probably off making inside jokes with new people, and that felt very isolating, which is why I called it 'The Outsider.'"


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7.  SHAUN and Yuna Team Up to Release English-Language Single  'So Right'

World-famous South Korean singer-songwriter and producer SHAUN and Malaysian singer Yuna are a match made in heaven, and that's made very clear in their new collab "So Right." The English, sung in English, is about that sensation of falling in love and knowing it's the real deal. It also comes complete with a short film/music video starring Leilani Sioson and Jason Won Lee, which will make you fall in love with the song all over again.


8. Maren Morris Sings About That Vulnerable Kind of Love in 'Nervous'

Maren Morris has to be one of our favorite country artists of all time with her rocking, boundary-crossing take on the genre, and her new song "Nervous" has us remembering why we adore her. The song is about that powerful kind of relationship that breaks down all of your walls, pulls you out of yourself and gets you to expose the rawest, truest and most vulnerable version of yourself. Maybe that's why we have it on repeat.



9. Kira Kosarin Joins Republic and Drops New Single, 'mood ring'

We were so excited when we heard that Kira Kosarin had inked a new deal with Republic Records—and even more excited when we found out that meant she'd also be dropping a brand new track called "mood ring." It's a soaring love song about just how close two people can come to be, and we happen to think it's the perfect label debut for Kira. "I'm excited to have something out there that when people come and look, is actually a reflection of me, for maybe the first time in my life," Kira explained in a press release. "With 'mood ring,' I'm telling a story of falling in love through color. It's got a rhythmic pocket that just feels really good to listen to, while still maintaining the emotional connection and acoustic side of my sensibility."


10.  Sean Paul and Pia Mia Join Forces for Epic Collab 'How We Do It'

When we heard Sean Paul and Pia Mia's new single "How We Do It," we knew that this collaboration was meant to be. The track is destined for the dance halls with Sean Paul's seamless rapping and a ridiculously catchy chorus from Pia Mia—not to mention a sleek and sexy music video. "This new single 'How We Do It' is our way to show the listeners how we dance, how we enjoy life, and how we stay fresh," Sean Paul explained in a press release. "Big up to Pia Mia, when we started recording this track we knew right away we wanted her on this single and she hit it out the park."


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