10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of April 2, 2021

We are seriously struggling to believe that we're already in the month of April, but we really can't complain about the passing of another week if it means we get to be rewarded with seven more days of incredible new music.

And this week truly has been one for the books. With a new album from Demi Lovato, the follow-up to Olivia Rodrigo's smash hit "Drivers License" and more all releasing, music fans have all of their bases covered. Get listening to our 10 favorite things that happened in music the week of April 2, 2021.

1. Lacuna J Drops the Gorgeous 'Fool (For Loving You)'

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Lacuna J is one to watch in 2021. Her music is fresh and emotional all at once while sounding totally effortless, and her latest track "Fool (For Loving You)" is an instant R&B pop hit, telling an all-too-relatable story about someone falling into a toxic relationship without knowing it. "I guess it's a silent plea for them to figure it out on their own without my interfering, but the frustration of also sitting back not wanting to be officious," Lacuna J explained in a press release. After listening, we can't wait to see what else the artist has to offer.


2. Render Sisters Craft a New Country Bop With 'Black Roses'

Country duo the Render Sisters have teamed up with the hit-making Nashville songwriter Britton Cameron to create "Black Roses, " and the result is a punchy, captivating anthem that's tough not to sing along to. It's about relationships that aren't as deep as they seem on the surface, and how they can be doomed from the start. "'Black Roses' was such a fun and unique song to write with Britton," Render Sisters' singer Mary-Keaton explained in a press release. "We laughed and joked around about roses not always symbolizing true love, and how black roses demonstrate the reality of what relationships can become."


3. Mitch Rossell and Trisha Yearwood Join Forces for the Stunning 'Ran Into You'

This truly is a wonderful week for country music lovers. "'Ran Into You' has always been such a special song to me," Tennessee-born country singer Mitch Rossell told Sweety High. "The first time I heard this song and that distinctive harmony, I thought of one person: Trisha Yearwood. I don't know what I did to deserve her vocals on this track, but I sure am grateful for it." The result is something that's absolutely breathtaking, and is sure to be a new country classic.


4. CAL and Quinn XCII Capture the Essence of Infatuation With 'In the Water'

We may still be at the start of spring, but it's never too early to start basking in infectious, summery hits like CAL's new track "In the Water," featuring Quinn XCII. The two artists teamed up with Jorgen Odegard (co-writer of Justin Bieber's "Holy") to bring together this bubbly song about new love, and we couldn't love it more. CAL felt similarly about it when he started writing it. "Making this song has been unlike anything I've done in my entire career," he explained in a press release. "Every step of this song just felt special–'In the Water' is that certain intangible."


5. half•alive Aim to Transform With 'What's Wrong'

The Long Beach, California-based trio half•alive are back with a new track—and it's got a powerful message behind it. Inspired by many things, including the pandemic, it's about looking inward, understanding the self and seeing what can be done to fix what's broken. "A lot of what we reflected on was how now more than ever, there is a desperate need for hope and love and honesty and change," vocalist Josh Taylor explained in a press release. "So at this point we can only trust that we've made something honest and hope those who hear 'What's Wrong' will feel loved and begin to hope in something truly transformative." Its music video, featuring the band performing impressive choreography in a cramped, indoor space, further drives home the feeling of claustrophobia and the desire to break out. We cannot get enough.


6. Clinton Kane Awes With New Lyric Video for 'Chicken Tendies'

We're not sure how we missed the gorgeous—if not surprisingly titled—"Chicken Tendies" when Clinton Kane first dropped the track in February, but we're glad he's released its beautiful new lyric video, because we are in love. It's all about reminiscing about someone you loved once, and wondering if they're still the person you knew while hoping that they're happy, and it's one of the prettiest songs we've heard all year. If there'one downside to the song, it's that Clinton doesn't utter the words "chicken tendies" in the song even once—but we'll forgive him.


7. Shawn Wasabi Wows With Pulsing New Track 'i dip'

Shawn Wasabi consistently awes us with his enchanting, rhythmic beats, and his latest release, "i dip" is no exception. It's all about personal growth and having the courage and confidence to know when you should move on to the next thing, but it's not just the themes we can get behind. The sound is incredible, with a pulsing 808 bass sound driving every movement. It's definitely one to add to your dance playlists.


8. Mau y Ricky Drop Their Hilarious Music Video for 'Fresh'

Venezuelan Latin music sensations Mau y Ricky are two brothers who know how to make their audiences happy. This week, they released the music video for the beloved track "Fresh" off of their latest album Rifresh, and the song is somehow even catchier and more listenable with help from its vibrantly colorful video. Set in a high school, it perfectly captures the mischievous elements of that track.


9. Olivia Rodrigo Follows Up 'Drivers License' With the Sensational 'Deja Vu'

Olivia Rodrigo's "Drivers License" is a strong contender for the biggest song of 2021, breaking the internet (and taking over all of TikTok) basically overnight. Its follow-up, "Deja Vu," is out this week and shows that the artist is anything but a one-hit wonder. It also follows through on the themes set up in the previous track, this time imagining her ex with his new girl and telling her all the same stories, taking her on all the same dates and basically living through the same relationship all over again. This one might just dethrone its successor.


10. Demi Lovato Bares It All in Dancing With the Devil… the Art of Starting Over

Demi Lovato's seventh studio album, Dancing With the Devil… the Art of Starting Over is out today, and without a doubt, it's her most intimate and powerful album yet. Featuring a whopping 19 blistering tracks, the entire album is quintessentially Demi from start to finish. Her songwriting is at its rawest and most vulnerable, and the vocals will knock you out of your seat. Demi fans—this is one album you will have on rotation for ages.


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