10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of Feb. 5, 2021

While we're struggling to believe that we're already finishing up the first week of February, the steady passage of time guarantees one thing—that we have another incredible week of new music to enjoy.

And this week was even better than most. With hot new tracks from rising artists like Elise Eriksen and Saleka to international superstars such as Big Soto and Demi Lovato, there was a little something for everyone this week. Excited? Keep reading for 10 big things that happened in music the week of Feb. 5, 2021.

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1. Elise Eriksen Drops New Single 'Smile'

Newcomer Elise Eriksen is one artist you should definitely be keeping an eye on, and her richly emotional new track, "Smile," is all the proof you need. It's about putting on a smile and pretending everything is fine, even when it's far from it, and not being able to be fully authentic when you're forced to put on a happy face. "I want to speak about things that are meaningful," Elise said in a press release. "It felt important to put out something that will leave people feeling more in touch with themselves but also more hopeful and uplifted, especially because it has been such a tough year."


2. Saleka Releases Soulful Music Video for 'Graffiti'

Saleka's soulful voice has made her one of our favorite new voices in the business, and her powerful new song, "Graffiti," is a gorgeous showcase of her abilities. Throughout the music video (directed by Saleka's sister, Ishana Shyamalan) words appear like tattoos on Saleka's skin, showing the lasting impact of people's words. "It is hard not to define and limit ourselves by how others see us, or the things they say to us. Words are like spells, they live and resonate," Saleka explained in a press release. "The art of graffiti was started as a way of tagging, claiming space, marking territory. A beautiful and powerful tool. In a way, the words that we say to others are just as permanent and impactful as if they were spray-painted on concrete."


3. Jordana Bryant Reveals the Socially Distanced Dating Anthem We Didn't Know We Needed

The last year has certainly been a weird one, and most of us are living under circumstances we never would have anticipated last February. That includes social distancing and all of the challenges that imposes on a relationship—especially when you can't physically spend time with the person you care about most. Jordana Bryant's new country track "Virtually Next to You" captures the emotion beautifully, reminding us that this will pass, that virtual connection will get us through, and one of these days, we'll be able to be with our special people for real.


4. Sevana Wows With the Captivating 'Set Me on Fire'

You know how you can just tell when a song is completely authentic and the artist is putting all of their truth and vulnerability on show? Sevana's new song "Set Me on Fire" is one of those tracks. Her vocal performance is so real it makes our jaws drop, and the lyrics about getting out of an abusive relationship and learning how to move on and heal are so powerful.


5. Francisco Martin Unleashes the Music Video for 'Wild Girl'

We've adored Francisco Martin both for his beautiful voice and his impressive songwriting abilities ever since his time on American Idol, and with each subsequent release, we find that he's only getting better. His latest tracj, "Wild Girl," is just as catchy and romantic as we could have dreamed, and the music video, starring Dash & Lily actress Keana Marie, is a dream come true. "'Wild Girl' was written about seeing a beautiful woman in a relationship that isn't really good for her, knowing she deserves better and wanting to help her see that," Francisco explained in a press release. "No one in life should ever settle for less. My hope is that the song helps all women, all people, feel empowered and maybe gives someone the confidence to put themselves first."


6. Allie X Gets Us Dancing With New Release 'Glam!'

If you're feeling a little down this Friday, we guarantee that Allie X's new dancey pop anthem "Glam!" is going to help you wipe away that frown. In fact, it'll probably get you up and moving around the room. In a press release, Allie called it an "unapologetic superpop synth fantasy song about following your dreams," and it's exactly as inspiring and empowering as that sounds. It's like the ultimate '80s-inspired montage that makes you want to drive around in a convertible with friends and go out on the town. Maybe that's not the best idea right about now, but when things go back to normal, it's a date.


7. Aidan Alexander Shares Epic New Track 'The End of the World'

Actor and musician Aidan Alexander's "The End of the World" seems tailor-made to evoke all kinds of strong emotions, and we absolutely cannot stop listening to it. On the one hand, it's gentle and reflective, and on the other, the swelling orchestral sound brings an epic quality that makes the lyrics make all of the sense in the world. "It's about how human connection is all we have," Aidan revealed in a press release. "Writing it, I was trying to create this ballad-esque pop song that still had movement and didn't drag its feet. I didn't want it to be melancholy or sad, but more of a celebration of letting your loneliness die."


8. YNW Bslime Releases the Superheroic Music Video for 'OTW'

13-year-old rapper YNW Bslime has talents far beyond his years, and we cannot get enough of his latest drop, "OTW." The track has the most infectious beat, with sweet and straightforward lyrics about needing someone and never being able to get them out of your mind. Plus, we adore the music video, in which Bslime is a superhero who saves the town—and his girl—from the clutches of evil.


9. Venezuelan Trap Artist Big Soto Drops Trilingual Hit 'Traductor,' ft. Lasso

Big Soto and Lasso are two of Venezuela's biggest artists, and their first-ever collaboration, "Traductor," is breaking all of the boundaries. This trilingual track is sung in Spanish, English and French. The beautiful love song is transcendent, so even if you don't speak any of the languages featured, you can feel the romance in the music—and its adventurous music video exploring the land around the Egyptian pyramids.



10. Demi Lovato and Sam Fischer Team Up for 'What Other People Say'

Any time Demi Lovato releases a new track, you can depend on it being as poignant as it is musically compelling, and her latest song, "What Other People Say" featuring Sam Fischer, is no exception. Everything about it is quintessentially Demi, and we couldn't ask for anything more. The lyric video is inspired by the Guess Who? board game, suggesting we all put on lots of different faces depending on who we're around and the people we need to be. But which faces are the real us? "This song is a reflection on what it's like to lose who you truly are in an effort to please other people and society," Demi explained in a press release. "It's why I wanted to make this song with Sam—ultimately it's about two humans coming together to connect and find solutions to their problems."


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