With spring 2022 rapidly approaching, we need to let you what’s coming up in the fashion world for the season.

While several of these staples have been evolving through the seasons, other garments have quickly escalated into unstoppable trends. Curious about what’s about to be hot? Here are 10 essentials to try in your wardrobe this spring.

check out our 10 essentials for spring

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1. Vacationwear

If you are ready for a vacation, we can relate. This spring, you’ll be seeing no shortage of all things tropical print and beachwear. The beachy aesthetic is going to be big, so this is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and go with bold colors, see-through layering and one-pieces. And vacationwear isn’t just for the beach. In fact, we think tropical outfits are appropriate for all sorts of occasions.


2. Silk

Silk is a great material for every season, but this spring, we’re anticipating a big comeback. After all, silk isn’t just for scarves and tops. Silk skirts and pants are going to be all the rage. This comfortable material is great because it can be mixed and matched with just about any fabric—and don’t forget about shimmy shake tops. Your silk options will be virtually endless.


3. Micro Skirts

If you don’t already own a micro skirt, now’s the time to go pick one up. They’re available in all kinds of patterns and fabrics, and can be dressed for both girly girls and tomboys alike, so you can always feel undeniably yourself in them. Whether you dress more grunge or love flowery patterns, micro skirts will have you covered and give your outfit a trendy boost.

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4. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are essential to any wardrobe. Bold graphic tees can be styled with your favorite skirt, pants or shorts, and we love that they can be exciting conversation starters in a pinch. Graphic tees are all about making a statement, while also being totally fashion-forward.


5. White Tank Tops

White tank tops may seem like the most basic item in your closet, but trust us when we say they’ll be a necessity this spring. This simple piece can make all the difference to your fit. For example, we’re wild about the way Emma Chamberlain uses one to break up her look between her detailed skirt and big hair. Just think of the possibilities.


6. Light Wash Boyfriend Jeans

Light wash boyfriends jeans may work in other seasons, but they are a must-have during the spring season. If you’re sick and tired of only wearing skirts and dresses, you need a great pair of boyfriend jeans in your wardrobe. Not only are they versatile, but they can also easily be dressed up or down for pretty much any occasion. Light washes, in particular, are also essential during spring because they’re bright and suit the color scheme of the season.

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7. Long Outerwear

Let’s talk about outerwear. While at first glance, it might seem like something you’d only worry about in the winter season, it’s anything but. There are so many great options for layering and styling long outerwear for spring. For example, check out this long denim jacket paired with denim jeans in the same wash for a classic Canadian tuxedo. And if denim isn’t your vibe, a lighter material might be perfect to jazz up your fit.

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8. Layer and Mix-and-Match

Mixing and matching patterns and fabrics is going to be huge this spring. We see fashion as a way for individuals to completely express themselves without being judged, and this is definitely the season to take some risks in layering and mixing patterns. If you love layers, it’s time to go on a shopping spree and get started.

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9. Canadian Tuxedos

Do we really need to explain the majesty of the classic Canadian tuxedo? Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake once iconically wore Canadian tuxedos—the bold denim-on-denim look—and they’re making the ultimate comeback. When in doubt, layer denim on denim for a fun spring look. And while blue is going to be a hit this spring, don’t be afraid to mix different colors of denim. Although it was once considered a faux pas, different colored blues still absolutely match!

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10. Cutouts

When cutouts first started trending, they were only meant for special occasions, but they will be everywhere this spring. The new styles are appropriate for all kinds of situations, so make sure you have a few stylish cutout pieces in your closet. They add a bit of eccentricity and an eye-catching pop to any outfit, so keep an eye out for the cutouts that are just right for you.


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