10 Traits of a Great Friend

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right friend.

While some people are just your friend from class, others might become someone you fully trust and tell everything to. There are so many characteristics that set these two types of friends apart. Not sure what those are? Here's a list of the 1o traits you'll find in that perfect friend.

1. They're Trustworthy

Although there are many characteristics that make a good friend great, being trustworthy is near the very top. Trust builds a remarkable foundation for friendships—or any relationship, at that. When a friend is consistently reliable and supportive, you know you can put your trust in them. Being able to trust others also allows us to be vulnerable and brave. When we don't have trust, it's hard to make a good connection with people.

A great friend will prove to be trustworthy

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2. They're Supportive

Another important characteristic of a great friend is that they're supportive. Whether it's emotional support when we are feeling down or being proud of one of your accomplishments, support is a core quality for reinforcing encouragement and care.

A great friend is supportive

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3. They Accept You for You

If you feel like you can be yourself around a friend, they're a keeper. With other people, you might feel a bit shyer or not as comfortable as you are around your closest girlfriends, and that's okay! Just know that when you surround yourself with people you feel comfortable with, it's likely that those are quality friends who accept you for being you. Great friends won't judge you or make you feel bad for being your authentic self.


4. They Listen

Good friends are active listeners, so look out for those who actively participate in the discussion when you're speaking, and who remember the little things. If they are engaged and asking questions, that shows they really care about whatever you're talking about. After all, it's important to keep people around who really care about you.

Friends will listen in times of need

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5. They're There During Tough Times

It's easy to be there for a friend during good times, which is why seeing who sticks by you in the tough times is a true test of friendship. A great friend is there for you in the good and bad. They care about you and want to be there for you no matter the circumstance. The fun memories are great, but during tough times, you will realize a what true friendship looks like.


6. They Have Your Best Interest in Mind

Good friends should be your biggest and best cheerleaders. If you aren't feeling like your own biggest fan, your best friend will be there to cheer you on, as well as to look out for you. When you are doubting yourself, a great friend will be right by your side.


7. They're Loyal

Someone who drops everything to help you is the definition of a great friend. They're there for you when you need it most and help you whenever it's really needed. A good friend will be there to get you through anything.

A loyal friend is a great one

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8. They Respect Differences

Not even the best of friends have everything in common, and that's totally normal. Differences are what set you apart from one another. If they understand that differences are okay and they respect the differences you have, that's a great friend.


9. They Respect Your Boundaries

Boundaries are necessary in all relationships. A friend who is respectful will understand that boundaries are good for any and every relationship. If they ask for permission and follow the boundaries you have made, that friend has your back.


10. They Make You Feel Safe and Comfortable

Finally, someone that makes you feel comfortable and safe is someone you should keep around. It's important for a relationship to be supportive and comfortable, and for you both to allow each other space. Best friends should value one another as individuals and get each to know each other through challenges. With a great friend, you'll feel safe and untroubled while being yourself.

A great friend should make you feel safe and comfortable

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