The latest episode of SweetBeatTV takes us to the American Humane Association’s Celebrating 100 Years Of Kindness event with Sweet Suspense and more. Check out the episode below and read more to find out our fav moments!

Sweet Suspense serenades Happy the Dog with a lovely rendition of “Here We Go Again”

sweet suspense serenades happy the dog

Teen Wolf’s Cody Saintgnue has some great things to say about animals!

cody saintgnue takes a photo with a dog

 “It’s important to be kind to animals because they are equal to us. They are living creatures with equal feelings and thoughts. And although we may not understand what they’re saying and sounding, they feel like you and I.”

Sammy Sanchez is also all about animal kindness.

sammi sanchez talks about animals american humane association

“We share this Earth with them. They help us in many ways. They’re just like us.”

Tiffany Houghton reveals that she’d love to do a show with Grumpy Cat.

tiffany houghton stars alongside grumpy cat american humane association

“The differences between our outlooks on life I think would really be very entertaining.”

Cody takes a penguin selfie

cody saintgnue's penguin selfie

And Sweet Suspense and Sammi Sanchez meet Ruby the owl!

sweet suspense and sammi sanchez meet ruby the owl

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