11 Times Tumblr Understood You Better Than Anyone Else

Have you ever had an issue putting how you feel into words? We encounter that issue a lot, which is why we turn to tumblr when we need to make sure everyone truly understands how we ~feel~ about important life topics. These 11 posts accurately gave us the words to fully express our feelings about life.


SpongeBob Squarepants text post tumblr

TRU! And even when we accidentally turn on the front-facing camera.

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music taste tumblr text post

Especially because our music taste is AWESOME!?

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Troy Bolton from High School Musical tumblr post

This is literally a problem for us all the time. Same? I guess we're just all in this together.

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Powerpuff Girls tumblr text post

We didn't want to be the first ones to say this, but yes.

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Funny tumblr text post about school


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Leslie Knope tumblr text post

Pretty much.

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School text post tumblr

Just stop, please!

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Scary movies tumblr text post


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Mom tumblr text post

Why do moms always do that?! APPRECIATE OUR HUMOR!!!!!

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putting a ring on chicken nuggets

No one understands our undying love for chicken nuggets better than tumblr.

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Kim Kardashian game tumblr post

That about sums it all up.

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