What's the Significance of 11:11 and What Does It Mean?

When the clock hits 11:11, it's your chance to make a wish—but the question is, why?

There's no clear-cut answer that explains the significance of 11:11. You'll get different descriptions of what it means, depending on who you ask. Just look at Urban Dictionary: Some people say it's a time to make a wish, while others see it as a reminder to share how much you care with loved ones. There are also people who take a spiritual approach, and then still others just see it as a time when they get spammed by 11:11 believers on social media.

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It's hard to know what to make of it, especially since no one seems to know exactly where the superstitions surrounding 11:11 originated. It may just be that we naturally like the look of the number and therefore decided it was important—or there could be more going on. A lot more.

The most spiritual interpretation seems to be the idea that 11:11 is related to angels. The website Ask-Angels.com offers the explanation that angels and spirit guides "communicate their love and guidance in many ways," and seeing 11:11 could be one of them. The blog Cecilia's Psychics also explores the importance of the number, saying that seeing it "presents you an opportunity to reflect on your spiritual purpose for being here." This may be where people got the idea that they should be making wishes or sending sweet messages to family and friends at 11:11.

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One of the arguments used to make the case that 11:11 has a special significance is that many people seem to notice it more than odds say they should. However, there isn't any hard evidence to support this. As The Skeptic's Dictionary points out, when you focus on finding a pattern, you can end up ignoring anything that doesn't fit it. That, in the end, often leads to you confirming your belief, whether or not it's actually accurate.

Still, we can't rule out that there's something special about 11:11, even if we can't explain it. If buildings can skip having a 13th floor, there's no reason you shouldn't make a wish at 11:11 or think about what message you might be getting from angels or the universe. If the number feels lucky or important to you, that's just fine. Go forth and make your wishes at 11:11—or don't. Do whatever feels right.


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