4 Non-Dating App Places to Meet Girls in College

Dating can be…confusing, to say the least.

It can be quite the challenge, as navigating the world of modern dating is something that might stump even the most seasoned explorer. However, dating can also be fun and amazing in so many ways, even if all you get after a date is a wild story to tell your friends afterward!

With all that said, dating in college is a whole other beast with tales to be told about it—no matter if you date girls, boys or both. If you're new to the college dating scene, you may have noticed that dating apps seem to be way more normalized than you might have thought. However, if they just aren't your style, or if the risks seem to outweigh the potential rewards, you aren't out of options for meeting people. So, if you're into girls and looking for ways to meet them that don'involve swiping right on some app, you might want to listen up. Here are just a few non-dating app places to meet girls in college!


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1. Athletic Events

If there's one piece of advice a lot of former college students will give, it's to actually attend your university's events while you can. Not only does it promote a sense of school spirit, but you also increase your chances of meeting fellow students that you just might want to date (and, more importantly, that just might want to date you back!). Plus, a sporting event like a home football game automatically gives you something to bond over and talk about, meaning no awkward ice breakers to get the conversation flowing.


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2. An Extracurricular Club

Are you super into comic books? How about a language you've been wanting to learn for years? Maybe you're super dedicated to your academics and want to join a STEM-related club that will look amazing on your grad school/job applications after you graduate? Whatever your interests are, you probably share them with plenty of other people—and that means that there'likely a club you can join for whatever that interest may be. And when it comes to dating, shared interests = better chances for success.


3. A Study Abroad Program

We know what you're thinking: "I have to go all the way to another country to meet girls?" Well, no—not exactly. But, study abroad programs, especially short ones that take place for a month or so over the summer, are amazing for meeting people at your university that you might not have previously crossed paths with. Study abroad becomes a sort of community for the people who participate on the trip, as you're bonded by your travels and likely surrounded by one another almost 24/7 for the duration of your time abroad. Plus, men and masculine-presenting individuals are super outnumbered in most study abroad programs at most universities, so you almost have an automatic leg up when it comes to meeting girls if that's how you identify.


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4. Anywhere Your Friends Are

Whether you're at the library and your friend runs into a cute girl they happen to have a class with that they can introduce you to or you attend a dorm event with your friend even if you live across campus, the opportunities to meet people are virtually endless in college, and having your friends there helps you to relax and seem more approachable. At the end of the day, the two keys to meeting girls in college anywhere that isn't a dating app are: 1. Don't be creepy (if she turns you down or seems not into it, don't persist) and 2. Be confident (but not arrogant). Just live your life, talk to people and see what happens—you definitely don't need an app to help you out if you stay open-minded and keep focusing on yourself.


Remember: Your next girlfriend could be right around the corner in college, maybe even literally. And if you need a little extra help with the whole weirdness that is dating in college, you can check out some solid advice by clicking HERE for tips on dating during your first year of college.