4 Non-Dating App Places to Meet Guys in College

Whether you dated in high school or not, dating in college is a whole other beast with plenty of tales to be told about it.

Between the pressure of hookup culture that's rampant on college campuses and the prevalence of your typical Frat Boy who will somehow manage to hit on you and your roommate within the same breath, it's enough to drive anyone wild. That's a big driving factor in what's made dating apps so popular for college students, as it can seem like a sort of "hack" that cuts to the chase and—at least hypothetically—helps you weed out any weirdos before you ever even have to meet.

However, there are plenty of risks and downsides to the apps that make them less-than-ideal for meeting people. If the apps aren't your style, where are you supposed to meet guys? Even worse, where are you supposed to meet guys that you actually want to date? Worry not, dear college students, as we have a few solid ideas. Read on for a few places to meet guys in college, no dating app download required.

1. In Class

Hey, you have to go to class anyway right? If there's a certain guy in your lecture hall that strikes your eye, you can try a couple of subtle tactics to see if the interest is shared. First, he has to actually notice you. Don't be creepy, but try some subtle things like making eye contact, or going up to turn in your homework at the same time that he does. Or, sit ever-so-slightly closer to him next class period (assuming you don't have assigned seats, which are hardly a thing anymore in college). If he's actually next to you, ask a simple question about the coursework to see if there's any kind of a "vibe" there that you can explore, and open up the door for him to work for your attention right back.


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2. Intramural Sports

Intramurals are great not only for your fitness but potentially for your dating form as well. They aren't as competitive as joining an actual team, so if you love to play tennis, soccer or another sport just for fun, consider joining a co-ed intramural team. It helps you get out your stress while bonding you with your teammates—teammates who could potentially become dates if there's some shared interest established along the way.


3. On-Campus Events

Hello, Homecoming week! Football games? Sure thing (even if you can't stand the actual sport, go for the school spirit)! If you see a rally that strikes your interest, on-campus festival (bonus: these usually involve free food) or any other kind of event you can easily attend, go. Not only is actually attending events instead of thinking you're too cool for them a great way to savor your college experience, but it's also a great way to meet people—and people includes guys that you just might click with.


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4. Literally Any Social Gathering

Whether it's a dorm party your RA is hosting or a movie night your friend is having at their place across campus, social gatherings are, well, social. That means a perfect setup for chit-chat and flirty banter that could lead somewhere with someone you like, all without the pressure of meeting in a one-on-one setting like you would probably do on an app.


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At the end of the day, when it comes to non-dating app places to meet guys in college, the limit really doesn'exist. If you're looking to date seriously, your next boyfriend could be the guy behind you in line at Starbucks, or someone you study abroad with or even someone that literally runs into you on a bike while rushing to class. The key is staying confident and leaving any situations that make you feel uncomfortable, but truly the biggest piece of advice we could give is to focus on yourself first. You're in college to better your future, whether that future involves a guy you meet on an app or not.

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