Here's What You Should Know About Our New Obsession 4th Ave

We absolutely adore Boy Band on ABC because it gifts us with gems like 4th Ave on the regular.

Here's what you should know about these up-and-comers.

#MCM 4th Ave

(Photo credit: James Johnson Jr.)

Full Names: Michael Daniel Jimenez III, Jaden Blakley Gray, Camry Scott Jackson and Marcus Ky'Ron Pendleton

Hometowns: Los Angeles, California (Michael); Compton, California (Jaden); Trenton, New Jersey (Camry) and Manchester, Tennessee (Marcus)

Birthdays: Oct. 23 (Michael), March 27 (Jaden), March 22 (Camry) and Nov. 4 (Marcus)

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio (Michael), Aries (Jaden and Camry) and Scorpio (Marcus)

Fun Facts:

1. Michael's current Netflix obsession is That '70s Show. 

2. The guys love goofing around and have way too much fun together.

3. Jaden's favorite day of the year is Christmas because, duh.

4. All the boys are super stylish and each have their own unique look.

"My favorite style trend at the moment definitely has to be skinny jeans with some Chelseas or Vans."

–Michael Jimenez

5. Camry's all-time favorite game is NBA2K and his biggest hero is LeBron James. We think it's safe to say he's a basketball fan.

6. Marcus likes to go in the zone before a show.

 "I listen to a lot of rap music to focus on a task or before performing."

–Marcus Pendleton

7. Marcus and Camry have encountered some amazing fans.

"Cam and I were at Panda Express and a group of girls came in and paid for our meal. It meant a lot because I'm married to Chinese food!"

–Marcus Pendleton


Boy Band is definitely producing quality musicians. Another channel doing the same is headed by another amazing dude, Jacob Pace. Get to know him HERE!