Here's Why Your Acne Is Located on These Parts of Your Face

Breakouts can be incredibly frustrating, but not knowing what causes them can be even more annoying.

Thanks to Breana Wheeler—a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner of Facile Dermatology + Boutique in West Hollywood, California—we were able to round up some of the major acne culprits that could be sabotaging your quest for clear skin. 

Keep reading to find out what the location of your pimples really means for your face!

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Hairline and Forehead Breakouts

If you typically experience acne close to or around your hairline and forehead, your hair products may be to blame. "Breakouts here can be exacerbated by leave-in conditioners and other hair products," Breana tells Sweety High. "Skip the leave-in products and make sure you're washing your hair at least every other day, if not daily."

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Nose and Cheeks Zits

Our expert also says "pores in the T-zone are easily clogged with excess oil and dead skin cells." The glands in that zone are especially greasy, and treating it can be especially hard because while you may be shiny in your T, the areas around your mouth can be dry.

"It's important to wash your face every morning and night and immediately after exercise," says Breana. "Salicylic acid face wipes work wonders at controlling breakouts by sloughing off dead skin cells and reducing oil."


Chin and Jawline Blemishes

"Cysts and pimples on your chin and jawline area can indicate a hormonal imbalance," Breana explains. This is a common breakout location, especially during or before your period. These hormonal imbalances can continue well into your twenties and thirties.


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Because you now have insight on the meaning behind the location of your breakouts, THESE are the skin commandments you must follow.