Skin Commandments You Need to Follow

Navigating the world of skincare can be hard.

For every good piece of advice, there is an equally good tip that contradicts it. To make things easier, we've rounded up the skin commandments you must follow now!

Commandment I: Learn Which Foods and Products Make Your Skin Feel Good

It's been proven that a lot of what we consume can end up showing signs on our face. It's been called everything from "sugar bloat" to "dairy breakouts." One thing is for sure, certain foods and products mix well with our bodies, while others don't make us feel too hot. Learning what works well for you is a very individual process. Try going dairy-free for one week—did those pesky zits subside? If so, maybe reducing cheese and other lactose products in your diet are the keys to clear skin. Did you try on a new makeup product and break out? Look at the ingredients list, it will provide clues about what your skin can tolerate.

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Commandment II: Never, Ever Pick at a Pimple

Let's be real, we are no @DrPimplePopper, so let's stop pretending! Picking can lead to real issues like infection or it can push oil and dirt further into our pores. No matter how tempting, pimples need to be left alone. Use a K-beauty pimple patch during the day if you can't help yourself.


Commandment III: Always Apply Sunscreen

Don't get us wrong, makeup is 100% our thing. We have alerts for Kylie Kosmetics and can recite every Anastasia highlighter name from memory. Nevertheless, the most important step in your face routine should never be makeup—it should be your sunscreen. Skipping this step will lead to repercussions well into adulthood. These can include discoloration or marks from old breakouts. Save your future self some grief and make it a habit to apply sunscreen under every gorgeous layer of MAC foundation.


Commandment IV: Always Wash Your Face Before Bedtime

Mom's always right when it comes to this daily tip. Never go to bed with a face full of makeup. The gunk can lead to clogged pores and big breakouts. It can also lead to dirty sheets and pillowcases that will cause further acne. Get into this habit now and it will be an automatic action when you're an adult.

Trying to stay consistent ????

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Commandment V: Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself

So what if you woke up to a new breakout, or if your under-eye circles decided to come out and take center stage this week? The best part about our skin is that problems tend to be cyclical. Don't worry if you don't have a perfect complexion today. There is always tomorrow. Remember that stress can sometimes be the cause of skin problems themselves. Take a  deep breath and remember you're beautiful!


Now that you're on your way to master your skin, learn about great products for soft locks.