Addison Riecke Dishes On Nick's "The Thundermans"!

Addison Riecke is one of the stars in The Thundermans, a new Nickelodeon show all about a family of superheroes! Addison Riecke plays the role of Nora on the show! Addison Riecke

We spoke with Addison all about how she first broke into acting, and about her super new role!

"I was almost 8 years old and I enrolled at an acting academy in New Orleans," she said.

She also signed up for the iPop event in Los Angeles, which allows actors, dancers, singers and models to submit resumes to find managers and other important links to the show business world.

Addison submitted her monologues and got her agent and manager. From there, she started going on auditions.

In The Thundermans, Addison plays the role of Nora.

"Nora is the youngest sibling of the Thundermans," Addison said. "She loves to banter with her brother Billy. She's like the older sibling and likes to boss her brother around."

She also loves helping out her older brother Max, even though he goes against the superhero family by aspiring to be a super villain!

Addison said that she and her character, Nora, are similar in a lot of ways, starting with the fact that they have the same wardrobe style and love to wear bows!

"Sometimes we're really sweet, but when someone gets on our nerves we dry and sarcastic," Addison said. "I'm definitely like her."

Nora's super power allows her to use heat vision, which she uses for everything from cooking to burning her brother!

"In one episode, I cook a pizza, but I burn the edges," Addison said. "We're doing it for our brother on pizza night. I got to make a pizza with my eyeballs."

Addison would want to have a different superpower, if she could.

"Mine would be shapeshifting into a cat," she said.

So far, Addison has had a blast filming a number of episodes, including a dinner part episode, and another episode called "Phoebe Vs. Max." She also loves filming with a character called Dr. Colosso, a super villain-turned-rabbit that lives in Max's lair!

"The Dr. Colosso scenes are actually my favorite ones to work with, because he's really a puppet," Addison said. "The puppeteers always keep him moving, even when we're not on our takes. It's like he's a real bunny talking to us."

Tune into The Thundermans Saturday nights on Nickelodeon to see Addison Riecke and the rest of the Thundermans cast!

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